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I was on the edge of my bed.
I'm going to need help picking my new armor i had some different recolors but i don't think i should do that so pick one of the five that you like and i'll tally up the vote
i'll update tommarow
well i was going to upload some comics but i forgot to put the comic of me coming back on one of the disks it looks like i'm going to have three characters: J-corp, rickey, and ryan
guys i got some disks to put my sprites and comics on so i'm going to update soon
are you saying that your computer went down
October 20th, 2007
ha so go a mouth guard
ha ha i need a wireless thing for my computer and i don't even have my own sprite why do you think i'm never in person on my comics
dude it took you that long just for this comic wtf is wrong with you
what the hell is taking you guys so long to update i would do another one but i'm waiting on you guys
what the hell having master cheif with a human body like that was funny
what when did this happen i didn't know *gasps for air* holy crap i wanna be evil
i know i found them about a hour or 2 ago
reks says we are so i guess like pm him to apply
the backgrounds from halo zero that were on here
Didn't have and BGs so its nowere again
amount of what updates i have enough time well i am hell smart but i know some of you guys have time to make qouick comics are you just slow i'll make one right now
no no no your just trying to stall so you can think of some comics and make 'em
what you mean i'ma make comics for some ppls its hard to com up with ideas
*coughs(reks CSI myke and just about every one else and sniper too)ends cough*