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Again, I had this page done a while ago, but I'm more active on DA.

This page took a very long time to make. I had this image in my head for a while, and it was just too large to fit on my normal page size... So I broke it up into chunks and fit it on one, big canvas. This is the final page for Chapter 1, and still no badges. Maybe they'll finally get badges in chapter 2, who knows. XD

I just thought I'd let everyone know that I am taking another break from making pages. I want to work on other things right now. When I work on the comic, I hardly have to time work on other projects that I've been wanting to do because I stress out about updating the comic. I'm also really busy in real life at the moment and the comic just adds to the stress. I won't drop the comic, but I am going to take a break from it. I'm not sure how long it will take, so I ask everyone to please be patient with me.
Sorry this took so long to update. I actually had this page done months ago, but I'm not very active on here as I am on Deviantart or the Nuzlocke forums.
So, it's been a while. I lost motivation for this a few months ago, but it randomly sparked again the other day.
My idea for Sinnoh is that the large cities are going to be very technologically advanced, and very lively.
My roommate gave me the dialogue for panels 7-11. She told me what the characters should say, and I drew it out.
I'm sorry for the long delay. I've actually been updating this thing more on Deviantart and the Nuzlocke Forums. Those two places are where I'm more active, especially Deviantart. I actually have four pages to update (Not a lot as I've been really busy the past two months).
Yeah... My first fight with Gwen was against a Starly. Gwen brought it down to just a tic of health, and then it landed a critical on Gwen.
Busy last month so I couldn't work on this at all. I'm happy that I have had time to continue this.
I changed my colouring style. What do you think about it?
October was busy so it took a while to work on this page but I finally finish it tonight.
I just want to say, thank you all so much for following!
I should mention that chapter 1 starts off a little slow, but it won't last for long. It will start to pick up soon, I promise.
I want to thank you all for the comments and the favs. I really appreciate it. And that was a good guess that her punishment is a Nuzlocke challenge, but it's not what I had in mind. Instead, I thought of something completely absurd... Yeah...
Well, here's the protagonists problem, in case the title and the description wasn't clear. Krista is a timid girl who wants to go to University but her biggest problem is that she's absolutely scared of everything. Even her own shadow nearly gives her a heart attack. Perhaps Arceus is thinking up ways to help her get over her million fears.
Go ahead and be a creep, Arceus, while I go shoot myself in the face because of this page... Uuuugh, I don't like it. I mean, back in March I was like "I can't believe I did this, it's so amazing! I CAN DRAW SIDE VIEWS!!! SIDE VIEWS!!! Oh my, gosh! My style's improving so fast!" Now I'm like "I can draw this better!". It bothered me so much that I wanted to redo all of the beginning of the prologue. My friends told me not to because it's nice to see the improvement of the art. So, the art does get better in a couple of pages, so please bear with me.
Only thing I like about this page is Giratina...
I hate advanced functions too... Yes, Arceus, there are Pokemon in our world.
Because every creation deity creeps on a young girl when they're bored.
Just a cover page for the prologue. If the quality of the art is different from the first few pages, that's because I drew this about a week ago, while I started the comic itself back in February. I kinda improved since then... Great idea, Ubby... great idea!
I really like the banner and I am very excited to start reading your comic when it is ready.