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I an a sprite comic maker and I love reading manga's.

current projects:Mylebrook, Residence.
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I got a bit interested in spriting again so I thought why not work on something, originally it started off for another revamp of Kasura but at then end, I decided to do Gelo and was wondering your guy's opinions on this.
Yep also anyone wanna see it before the effects?
@kh_fanatic1995: I like how you do eye's and eye brows good job.
was working on future sprites and thought I'd share with you guys.
Lol friends for life.
Not to be rude but anyone see weight gain?
@Josephk: So it's gotta be fixed?\btw I'm Death.
@Josephk: Can I talk to you on Skype I'm JermhyTheHedgehog
@Shard: I know originally I didn't but I decided to adjust the story line instead of just changing the name so eh but yeah originally it was a accident but made it work
but thank's for letting me know because the chance's of me finding a typo are usually pretty low anyway's so it's nice to know someone will help.
@Poplolly: It was originally png but I switched to a gif animator to make this.
@G.B.A: Reason I added clothes for sprite shown in corner.