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I would ask the same if confronted with that kind of creature... An abomination that looks like a cross-over between a dead tree, a skeletal crow and a humanoid with joints and limbs twisted in reverse. I notice that the wound that supposed to be on the creature's chest is now located on his back... Almost like he twisted his neck(Whew! That statement reminds me of the movie "The Exorcist")... Or he just had his limbs snapped backwards. Those ascending arcs from the wound... are those his ribs? It's good that the creature didn't grow additional head/tails/limbs/innards dangling everywhere... That'll be very disgusting to look at(imagining it made me lose my appetite. I thank my imagination for that. urgh...)

Oh, yeah! Thanks for the correction. My mind's pretty occupied with work that I have few things mixed-up(by few I mean a LOT). I'm faithfully anticipating the next chapter. Keep up the good work.
Sorry for not being very specific... Are you familiar with the Freudian concept of the entity know as the Shadow? Each time you deny or lie to and about yourself, the lies, fabrications and illusions becomes embedded on to your "shadow" self. The more it piles up, the more it messes up with you. The more you hide them, the more they become threatening to your daily life, as if a ghost of the past haunting you.

What I actually getting ticked off(not actually THAT ticked off but just a little) is how Texty, being an unknown entity, is similarly portrayed as a "shadow" and specifically, the texts "I" could personally see are the very own things "I" am currently repressing in real life. To be elaborate, my eyes would unconsciously be locked on a specific part of Texty and remind myself of something.

I believe it is because of your talent that it almost looks like the texts on Texty are derived from the repressed images, statements and situations inside the reader's mind. And because of that, I am very impressed and I could not stop reading your web comic. Please keep up the good work.

Sorry for dumping this huge chunk of text. I'll just keep it short next time. orz
Somehow, Texty reminds me of something I've heard from a long time ago: You can lie and deny everything to everyone, but you cannot lie and deny anything yourself from your 'self.' I differ from what I am irl compared to my online persona. And it somehow ticks me off a little. "I AM STRONG!", "I DON'T NEED ANYONE'S HELP!", "YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME! I ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO!". Somehow, those are what I could 'sense' whenever I see the confrontation between Texty and Raz. All of this long text are just my honest opinion.

Tbh, I was expecting to see some kind of orifice violation... But I never imagined that being done to Raz, with Texty being the violator... Never really saw that one coming >_>
Well, it saved him the trouble of convincing Sid to guard Mags. Looking back at Sid, did he get rammed by something on his head? Flawed logic, unsuspecting, gullible; It is as if he was a newly born child with a weird sense of "justice".

Inner self: Shit's easy to manipulate. He got side-tracked very easily. That'll make him a useful pawn. Hmmmm... How hard can it be to fool him off of his pants?
Ashen_Bloodler here. Created an account.
Hmmmm... Interesting... He seems to be embarrassed by the words that came out of his mouth.

Inner voice: And what's this about Sid taking care of his ass?