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litrally been working on this off and on since i posted the last one like jesus son of a fuck man
This was supposed to be twice as long and get much more done, but i didnt like the pacing of it as a whole tbh the pacing of this little half seems off to but fuckit right its not like ive been writing comics for 60% of my life Getting unreasonably lost in Hoenn's VR will have to be its own thing >v>;;;
Also, yes. Haumea and Neptune are out of the picture from here on out 100%. They didn't die in game, nothing bad happened to them, they were just incredibly underleveled (Neptune especially) and i'd no intention of using either of them against the E4. It just kinda felt like a shitty thing to have these two pokemon who i'd come to love and develop very much just be like "oh they were just in the box the whole time." I didn't even surf TO evergrande ON haumea, I'd surfed on either Callisto or Dione.

tl;dr, say goodbye to Haumea the Gyarados everyone! See ya later space watersnek!
im not a million percent sure why i had dione holding a lum berry
but im super glad i did

that paralysis was both a blessing and a curse lemme tell you. marvel scale can suck dick.
just fighting a corrupt god nbd-oh

oooooooooooohhhh k.png
Rain is 100% obnoxious to draw.

So a couple things, friends.
Firstly, Every single page that was broken, Yellow and Sapphire have been fixed! In theory... I made sure to double check, but some might've slipped through the cracks or I couldn't find the original file. If you guys find anything else broken, please let me know!

Secondly, about a month ago, I lost my job. I've been very barely scraping by with commissions, donations, and odd jobs for family and friends. If you have a few dollars to spare, or want some cheap cute art, please find it in your heart to click the Donate button in the menu or consider a commission from me (info here )

Thirdly, really recently, my computer spontaneously reformatted and this caused me to lose my notes from this point until Victory Road.
Heavy things happen, or this wouldn't be an issue.
The hope was to become more active on this comic in between commissions, but this is a thing that needs to be worked out.

Thank you so much for your time and support.
Seriously these panels are huge...

Hey, readers! I have recently lost my job! If you feel you can help support me and this comic, please donate or consider commissioning me! Information is here:

If you can't, that's ok. If you could maybe spread the word, that'd be nice.
@MEBBAR: oh no! it looked fine to me, but just in case, ive reuploaded the page with a different host. If this or any other pages are fuzzy or broken, please let me know
Someone said I should do this, but I cannot for the life of me recall who.

This is my first animation in awhile, so apologies for the jitters and such.
This page marks a new tablet, new inspiration, and an 11 am shift tomorrow send help
I sorta wish i had the time and patience to color these pages.
Sadly, i am not Pettyartist or Ky-Nim and my tablet seems to be dying very much..........
i know this page is really shitty u v u
leaves this here then ghosts into the night

Huzzah to super swift shipping o v o
If you guys havent figured out im a huge gross fucking evangelion nerd yet than iunno what to do with you lot.

I hate breaking patterns
my therapist tells me it's a good idea to relax for awhile after an emotional breakdown im very sorry for howlong this is taking