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This was way better than what I could have imagined! I am so happy to see she still beat the heck out of Link! Though gotta say I definitely wasn't expecting the kissing part. That is one terrifying child you NEVER EVER want to cross. RIP Link. *Inb4 Link has to go throughout the rest of his journey in a wheelchair.*
Who knew a child could be so twisted? I love it! That rapey face though in the last shot. Link you better run, boy! Jump off the chamber of sages and hope for the best. It's not worth it!

Edit: I also really like that you're coming out with these comics at a faster rate of speed JimLad. Keep up the good work! No matter how much time passes, your comics are still Gold! Can't wait to see more from you!
My Body Is Ready!
My body is so ready to finally see Saria after all these years beat the crap outta Link! PLEASE let this happen! It needs to! I've waited for this moment for so long!
You've returned! Wonderful! That makes me moist. I have been awaiting your return and now with faster publications even better! But don't push yourself too hard though! It is always a good feeling to come back to this good ol' fashioned comic and see a new post is up! I can't wait until he finally meets Saria! It has been far too long now! My body is ready! And also keep up the good work! Definitely still my favorite LoZ comic artist of all time!
I feel kind of bad...
All she ever wanted was for Link to love her. Or at least go out on a date with her. Poor Meg. (Never thought i'd say that) Oh well. Say what happens when a ghost dies anyways? Do they like become....double ghosts? Like a ghost within a ghost of a ghost's ghost? Anyways, can't wait until he finally meets Saria after all these years! This is going to be a sweet ending to this dungeon! Looking forward to it! Keep up the awesome work! :D
Looks Awesome!
@JimLad: Now if only Shiek was actually as useful as it is shown on the cover then that'd be great! Great work as always, JimLad!
MOAR I SAY!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And on a related note: RIP new banner. I never got to know you. :(
RIP New Banner
And also how the hell does a skeleton reproduce? Also...how can you tell if it is a man vs a woman? Where were the women skeleton and did we fight any in our adventures? My, this changes everything! WHAT IS LIFE ANYMORE?!
YES! NUMBER 100!!!
FINALLY!!! I was waiting for this! Nice that you snuck it in right before the year ended! Man i've been viewing this since page one and I gotta say I love how far you've come along! It was funny you mention the banner, because I had just begun getting curious as well. I remember once you had said you had to remove it because you lost the file or something, but that you'd change it back but never did lol. Anyways, keep up the good work and looking forward to the next page and the new banner! Good luck!
That JimLad is back and better than ever?! Back to the amazing comic?! BACK TO REGULAR RELEASES?! Is...is this real life?! Am...am I dead?! In hyrulean heaven? Btw...comic number 99! Almost hitting the big triple digits! You must be excited!
Oh God...
Link is going to get so messed up. I love it! I can't wait for Saria's grand appearance! The confrontation is going to be intense! Keep up the good work, Jim! I can't wait for the next page! :D
And just like that...
@JimLad: And just like that, just with that one comment, I needed to change my pants about 5 times. I can't wait to see the next chapter and eventually the return of Saria! Any word on when you think it may be ready for publication?
@Mistress0fDragons: Well sure if you want to be a party pooper about it. Let a man dream, will ya? No need to be a buzz kill lmao. Let the fans believe what they want to believe - this is what makes any game or franchise great - that such conclusions could be drawn despite if it is actually so according to the story! No need to be all factual about it. :P
Holy Moly!
I actually admittedly forgot about this comic's existence. Sorry JimLad. It has been busy lately. However I am glad to see it has still been going strong! And link finally got the girl! Yes! You don't know how badly I wanted him to end up with Malon in the end of OoT! She is way better than Zelda in my opinion...more chemistry there. But hey you know what? Maybe it does happen....the link of twilight princess, a future descendant of this link, is a farmer/ranch keeper after all! Who knows? Either way, keep up the great work Jim! Still loving the comics and can't wait for further updates! :)
Damn...you just added a whole new level of deep to this poor windmill man's sad old tale. Lol link is such a dick. But that is why we love him! But RIP windmill music man - 1873 - 2064.

EDIT: Oh and congratulations on making it to the next whole number! 80! 80 pages in and this comic is still good! Keep up the great work! :)
@JimLad: Oh nice! And lol epic placeholder. So basic it is great lol.
And to add to the list of Broken Images...
Guess what else is now broken! Your banner image for your comics. Man you are just having all of the good luck, aren't ya?
Well this wasn't slightly disturbing at all...
Well at least now I know the fate of what happened to the kid. I always presumed he just grew old and gave up on grave digging and found a new hobby, maybe even a job. But apparently not. Guess he committed suicide. Thanks for clearing that up for me Jim! He was Dampe's most biggest #1 fan in the world!