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@Poppy: I'm sorry for such a long hiatus! I was graduating from university and was very busy with my thesis, it took all my time and energy. But I'm not going to stop writing the comic, there will be new pages.
@Poppy: Thanks for your patience! The pages are on the site now!

I really don't know what to say.. Sorry for the long gap! I was busy with my university exams.

Let's back to regular comic updates!)
@Poppy: Hello! Oh yes, I'm still working on it! I will try to update with two pages as soon, as possible. Thanks for asking))
@piimapakk: my friends say, that he looks like pigeon, not a crow.. )
thanks for reading!
@Poppy: oops! thank you so much for take notice of it! English is not my native language, so I'm always glad to hear any correction of my mistakes. My friend helps me with translation of the comic pages, but it looks like I'm continue to make mistakes anyway )
it's time for the story of the past
@Poppy: thanks for reading! I'm trying my best
oh no, nononono
hello! sorry for the long break, I'm back now and plan to update comic twice a week, so, stay tuned )
new scene finally!
@Poppy: yes, that's it. I feel sorry for Valisey, even if he doesn't deserve it..)
thanks for reading!
@Poppy: yeah, it was so much fun to draw))
@mean_hamster: Thank you so much! This story is a bit silly, but it means a lot for me, it's my first comic..) and I am happy, that you like it!
oh Severin's face