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September 27th, 2016
Thank you!
@DrakeDwarf: Sorry for the long disappearance. I was diagnosed with cancer and took the years off to focus on my health. I've beaten it and we plan on rebooting in October!
@Zaegen: Of course. A Dark Lord is anything if not courteous.
Annndd here it is!
I know we have fallen terribly behind. But here is our update. Updates might be a bit slow for a little while. But we are trying to get on schedule.

Aww poor Semmy.
late late late
Sorry for the super late update.
pathes >.<
I really need an editor. >.<
Something Wicked This Way Comes...
script issue.
>.< Yep just noticed the typo about the amount they got. I will be correcting it when I get home tonight. Have to leave for work now.
We're back!! Sorry for out break ended up a bit more extended than we planned. We are happy to be back up and running.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Shuto Con in Lansing Michigan this year!
Currency of Orc Quest
The main money of the kingdom is called Tithes. The crossed circle is the symbol of the goddess Yissa the patron goddess of travelers,merchants, and trade. Most kingdoms mark the tail end of the coin with the crossed circle in honor of the goddess.
Boba who?
ugh. I was ahead on this one... I really was. Somehow it needed an extra 10 hours to be finished.

Anyway. Love this page. I think the bounty hunter line up is great!

We thought we would give you a holiday treat. Don't worry we will be updating next Wednesday instead of in two weeks.

Note: Iylandrea's goal in life is to become a royal knight like her mother.

Check out last years Costume Collection here: est%2F14150588&qo=16
October 25th, 2013
@Guesticus: Thank you very much.

As for seeing a battered Brace.... there is ALWAYS a good chance of seeing a battered Brace.
@Saskyou: Sadly in this case flipping would not have worked. We though of trying that. It would have changed the flow of the panels. Panel lay out is important to storytelling in comics and in order to make it work we would have had to switch the first two panels and the story of the whole page would have changed.

Plus then Brace would have been left handed. >.< either way we would have had to redraw the panels.

^_^ I love talking technical stuff with you guys.
October 16th, 2013
And Other Stuff
Coloring this page was fun to do. I got to experiment with lighting effects and paper texture.
@Guesticus: *blushes* you caught our goof. We where hoping to sneak it past our readers. Taliesin (out artist) is left handed and uses herself as a model often. She switched hands back a few pages ago. We realized it after all the ink work, line work, color, shading, and highlights. In order to fix it we would have had to redo the whole page from scratch. We want badly to keep continuity and quality to our comic, but we also want to make our deadlines and not leave our readers hanging. In the end we took the bullet and decided to sacrifice continuity this once.

For reference. Iylandrea is ambidextrous due to her dwarven heritage (Surprise Iylandre is 1/4th Dwarf). And Semmek is left handed as orcs are predominantly left handed in our world.
sero sed serio (Late but in earnest)
Yep folks. My family motto... I guess it's genetic.

Anyway... page 13 is up and this closes chapter 1!!

Wow we made it this far and we are really excited that so many of you have joined us for the start of this ride. Believe it or not we are getting ahead of this beast and next week should be up on time!

We have learned so much in these first few months and we are improving in so many ways. I am planning to start a blog soon to share all the cool stuff we are learning as we go. So keep an eye out for that as well as some other improvements to the Orc Quest site!
September 29th, 2013
@Guesticus: Thanks for the input. I would like to use the excuse "because magic" but the truth is neither Taliesin or I know to much about sword fighting. (Other then fencing which is a totally different beast) We will have to do some more research before our next sword fight.
Beards are awesome!
September 17th, 2013
The spelling of her name is Iylandrea. Typo there. :) He isn't really complimenting her. He's being snarky. "I guess you're ok... for a girl".

Thank you so much for reading and of course rating and reviewing. We love all our feed back.
September 4th, 2013
Yep He Is
So Iylandrea has called it. Brace is an ass.