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I am a chemical engineering student at Rowan University. I also have always been a daydreamer. While in class, i'll come up with short comics i draw in the margins, which I later put online for all to see. I am assisted by my girlfriend Alanna Jones.
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    Rob Jimenez
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Soon my children... Very soon!
January 18th, 2008
Yes! finally...
Haha, yeah I actually know it ends at 27, I checked before I posted the comic. Lets just say the remaining passages were omitted by King James.

Have you ever read Leviticus, though? Its full of absurdities about masturbation, animal sacrifices, and menstrual cycles. My title still stands - few people actually read the bible...
December 28th, 2007
FYI, in the last frame the pumpkin is also frowning :P
December 28th, 2007
I'll know I have true fans when someone notices the shirt he's ironing...
September 10th, 2007
The first one is me, since I actually got a name change over the summer, but the first two names were not supposed to be important...

The second one is a penis joke.. ha ha

The THIRD one is the PUNCH LINE.

Now the comic officially isnt funny, unless someone else leaves a comment claiming that Emo and Scene are completely different... Then we can laugh at them!

Didn't think a stick figure comic would start so much controversy... A delightful little pun, this comic isn't without some seriousness. While I myself am straight, I am also very liberal, and like to give shout outs to my gay friends and readers. Rock on everyone. Love the feedback.
Puns, etc...
Yeah yeah, i know its a bad joke. Truth is, as much as I hate to use the word, this is a filler. I'm busy with my internship and did't have time to trace a new one. But, I promise to have better ones out later this week. Also, stay tuned for another awesome theme week coming up! Don't forget to vote on!
In response to Agent Mothman
Yeah, I've seen the therapist joke before as well (like on SNL's celebrity jeopardy), but something about a big yellow sign with an arrow that says "THE RAPIST" still made me chuckle as I drew it. lol. Thanx for the comments!
An interesting side note.
The original happy thought from tinkerbell was "Kiera Knightly topless", until Alanna pointed out that Peter Pan was most likely a homosexual. Kudos.
Yes, I know this comic runs off the page with the new layout, and I'm working to fix that.
July 10th, 2007
Yes, I know this comic runs off the page with the new layout, and I'm working to fix that.
I love 2-D Comics!