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I'll get to this more later, but mostly I'm a crazy out of [lace person who is a (somewhat) radical thinker, and optimistic at times.
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More likely "just" a Greater Daemon
I'm pretty sure that Skraat is gigantic even on the Kroot size scale.
@ nemothkaroly

Almost always happens every Wednesday you know...
December 26th, 2013
Nothing like sneak attacking a sneak attack.
An odd speculation who will die, cont.
After a few heads are politely knocked together, the dark eldar will counter strike and and mercilessly slaughter the Dark Angels and take their ships, and start joy riding on them to random imperial planets.
New move of badassness and of course the thing you use to call it out 'thats enough!'
they ruined his *whore* girlfriend's ship,
Room has no cover? Well we'll make some our self!
Magic o maniac!
Heh AAA+ for epicness and enthusiasm!
ours are better, they live in a warzone while doing there day to day jobs.
Dark eldar armor is more practical than most peoples armor, just not as armor I personally think that our armor should give a bonus to close combat, also like everybody else we use everyday workeds as fighters difference: we fight all the time or die hiwever there is always that third option of running ;-)
And any moment now she should be going into a hulk smash mode destroying everything in her path.
Ohhh, they are in for a BIG hurt!
a space marine with brains.

I'm guessing the guy has a trick to avoid being roasted though.
the weapon attachment was cool before
Now it is epic!

So is the next attachment going to be a sniper rifle?
You people need to visit Commorragh, lets see how long you live (five seconds if your luck, longer if your really that good, or get captured which than have a nice rest of your life as a slave or whatever happens to you).
Eldar will all their high and mightiness still can't defend worth dam, seriously a wych would have beaten the crap put of Kor'la without a single attack even come close to hitting her.
so why is it that Shraat can beat a bunch of dark eldar, but gets beaten by a single eldar, who are no were near as good as rak eldar when it come to fighting (we just have a tendency to use the most painful way of killing things as possible)
Let's see here rule under and grab feet while pushing up to cause unbalance, turn around and wait for the next attack. Or simply pull out the poisoned knife from out of wherever you keep it and while counterattacking stab the person... right you idiots don't carry around half a dozen poisoned knives.
June 6th, 2013
Dun, Dun, Dun, Da!