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On the one hand, creepy jailer and threats of horrible death. On the other hand, hella sweet magical powers. Honestly, a tough call.
Now I'm imagining Amical crashing a wedding. Someone who can draw, get on this!
@Curious: Amical's ego is a powerful force. In more ways than one.
@Alexis_Royce: If this was all a trick to get me to move up there, I will be very cross.
@Arcblade: Or a magical effect of some kind. The possibilities are endless!
What's this? Do I spy a picture that is not of Amical?
Amical, your jokes are bad and you should feel bad.
@Wonfet: He's a fairly experienced mage, and they're in his house. So I wouldn't want to try anything stupid if it were me. Well, that's a lie, I always want to try something stupid.
It's a shame we can't see the portraits more clearly, they're hilarious.
A shame, really. I almost feel like the courage wolf shirt looks better with the bloodstains.
You've done pretty well for yourself tonight, Amical.

And the others too, I suppose, but they might wish they hadn't.
@Don Quixotes: Dunno, but I almost feel as though I should be offended.
@lilmissbunnybitch: Would you kindly stab her in the neck, kid?
@stkbayfield: You do have a spoiler warning before the character sheet, but it's really easy to miss.
Oh look, Billy's ego grew so large that it became a tangible force.
Tempting, but I doubt I have the legs for it.
It's a mixture of blood, oatmeal, and usually pork fat. And it is delicious.
Specifically a prayer for forgiveness. Forgiveness for what, I wonder?
Man, I was just laughing at comments a few pages back about not realizing you had reached the end, and now here I am looping this three times.
If I didn't know for a fact it was true, I would not believe that you learned Flash specifically for this project and had never used it before. I likes what I sees. Also, I feel like this really needs to be read only very late at night.