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Finally. So cute.
Man this is so awesome, confess your love~
If that was a joke, I don't want to see him when he's serious. xD
This is going to be awesome, I can feel it. : D
Jock and Sanders are looking fabulous~
Alan I think I love your friends~
This is why I don't wear hats.
The worst SPORT for tight pants is REAL wrestling~

At least they aren't watching that SPORT. :D

I will forever yell SPORT from now on.
At least he can die on a full stomach.
Shits about to go dooooown.
Oh God Frootloop, you are one scary mofo.

I am going to have nightmares between this and the last page. D':
Man that face is scary.

I would faint if someone said that to me.
You have successfully made me hungry.
Unfortunately I almost always lose.

Damn, that burger looked tasty.
Oh God, I love this so much.
The bonus pic reminds me of this old Inuit legend about a man, his two wives, and a magical penis in a lake.
...and then the whales waited so long they died of starvation.
Such a waste of lemonade.
Haha, that was awesome~
I laughed so much. : D
I should name my future child Miller to save him from torment in high school.

Thank you for this brilliant idea. : D
Everyone copies Demon Barbers these days.
I would fire that servant. D:<
...and sue him...or something. c:
If Mr. Dollar was Canadian he wouldn't have to worry about fire.