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Your friend seems to like writing porn if I am reading this correctly.
@RedVolkv: Sorry for over reacting. I am very easily offended at times. My eyes never seem to be dry when they are open by the way.
I thought I broke free. But Shiro pulled me back to the fandom again...
@Lesbian Comics: His face. That expression. Bravo.
@RedVolkov: you can be very rude you know. It is a genetic defect that I just happen to use to my advantage. THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH.
@D-KeyNote: it is a genetic defect. My father has it as well.
My family tried to do that to me once. I learned to sleep with both eyes open whenever I want to.
Come on!
I just hate it when people pull that card! Being bisexual, i have about twice as much a chance of getting rejected! Then when they play that card i have pretty much no shot!
You dont have to.
As the comment title says, you dont have to. It is rather true.
Greetings, I am LawfullyEvil. I hope you enjoy this random Terezi.