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Im not telling XD
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If they are well printed i would buy them. I cant stand it when words are hacked off, or pages are crooked.
Dude looks like Mussels-Glasses from Epic meal time.
September 10th, 2011
Oh the glory that is his hair in the second panel. I want to play with it.
Oh no! Did it come out part rabbit!? XD
I enjoy the chibi ball fist. >.<
They have matching corsets. :3
I live in Madison, and I can tell you the protests are alive and well. I drive by teachers picketing outside of school every morning. The only reason we aren't in the capitol is because they kicked us out. They say the tape from the posters being hung up is ruining the marble.

I would like to add, that despite what Fox news says,there are no palm trees near our capitol. :P
wa-bam! problem solved
I have one word for Ed: bottom-topping. ;p
Liam's height issue and Eds need to be in control officially fixed. I can haz cookie?
November 21st, 2010
I want to speak wingdings
I agree, my sister is horrible.
When and why did Keith put his shirt on?
I want to know that girls reaction,
but the next button seems to be broken. D:
October 24th, 2010
"o-of course I am ... It's normal"
Yeah, that's a smooth thing to say.
I WANT MORE!!!! >.>
I just read it and it was wonderful.
You think I'm a hero!? :D
Is that George? >.>
Mine looks like a shamrock, and its on my left shin. It's funny because i have red hair and I'm Irish. XD
I liked the inking better, but its your art.Do as you please.
I'll read it ether way, people change their style all the time. XD
I will now describe dense people as being "Keith" XD
I used to read this, and then smack thought it would be fun to start deleting all my faves. I thought you just weren't updating. D: