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I am a huge yaoi fangirl. I love yaoi :P I am also a book worm I love to read. I'm a first year college student and I wish I had atleat half the artistic talent these amazing artists here in this website have. They are all so amazing I wish I could draw like them :]
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I just found your comic and read it in one sitting and I just love it
Lol is kaidou the type of guy to send bathroom pics to aki? I would love to see that. I bet aki would blush all prettily and then in his head be like omg my kaidou is hot ugh it's not fair that I can't be there to kiss him and do the dirty with him. And then blush even more because of what he was thinking. Oh oh and then aki doing the same and sending a hot pic for kaidou. That would be so cute and hot. I was going to ask if phone sex was going to happen but aki is still kinda a virgin with this kind of stuff so I think of it was going to happen then he would be nervous the whole time and kinda uncomfortable. But who know what's going to happen. Love your comic. It has come a long way and it just keeps getting better. ;D
August 13th, 2014
I can understand why they would be worried about the scar but couldn't they be more reasonable I mean sure you see someone like you do start to question it but the reason behind it could be simple like it was an accident or like the truth where aki was attacked they could have been more what's the word easy going then just ganging up on the director and aki to question something like that.
Oh I also wanted to say your art is getting better and better each time I see it. When I saw the banner I was like wow comparing it to the first one you can totally see the difference it keeps getting better and better the same with all your other comics/mangas the art and story plots just keep improving :D
I know there are some people like that mom every where but I pretty sure a mom or two will be like yeah so what? Or what are you talking about he's just hugging his boyfriend. It would kinda suck if all the moms there were like her.
July 21st, 2014
Oh my god this page is just so gorgeous. There are no words to explain just how amazing this looks. I admire how people can draw things like this the amazing detail put into this page is just... Wow *speechless*
Oh no poor sai DX
Aw poor aki no kaidou for a month and kaidou too! Right when they were finally having some them time. And haru too he won't see ryu-chan for a whole month I can see where the drama is going to go down I hope nothing happens to aki while his kaidou is away > ~ <
I know how ryuuta feels. I get like that too but only if it's like a big group of people in a room. Well sometimes I get like like outside but only when it's a big group. But i get it worse first I feel dizzy then I start to get nauseous it's not fun :(
I can just see haru getting all heart eyes for ryu-chan in a yukata and kaidou also for seeing aki in one xD
Oh my gosh shit is about to get real O.O aw hiro I hope that cross on his neck doesn't mess with his talking because that would suck if he would never say he loves taisuke
I can't really see aki holding a grudge unless it was something really huge and I guess Naomi really feels bad and she's just waiting for aki to do or say something
Aww that lil chibi moment on the last panel is so cute xD
Well it seems like aki isn't going to be like last time where he couldn't walk but I can see that he will be limping so you know the others are going to notice and tease a little xD
Wow aki who would have thought sweet cute little aki could be so sexy and irresistible once he's in the mood. Damn aki is such a little minx hot ;)
Damn even I have to agree with kaidou I mean come on dat ass >;D it's such a cute and sexy bubble butt that's asking for a spanking xP
I agree with kaidou that was more adorable and cute then sexy but don't worry aki keep it up and one day u will be so sexy that kaidou will be so shocked and turned on he will not let you leave that bed for days >;)
February 28th, 2014
For some reason when I was thinking of there day off I immediately thought of aki being waited on by kaidou. Aki all nice and comfy in bed and kaidou would be bringing him anything he needed dressed in a butler suit xD
February 23rd, 2014
Aw im glad aki is back back with his kaidou. He needs serious cuddles after the day he's had. And kaidou after aki explains about what happens don't go all I'm going to kick his ass mode because if you do then that's just going to cause all kinds of problems so try to keep your temper
February 17th, 2014
Lol yay fan service xD but seriously I'm kinda worried about aki because he's all alone in the city at night so who knows what kind of people are out at that time but at the same time I know aki has experience living on the street so he can protect himself but still I worry :I
February 10th, 2014
He'll yeah aki! If you don't want to drink then no one can make you drink and if those assholes think they can just force it on you then they have another thing coming D:< hell no if my friends started doing that to one of my other friends and they said no more then once I would be so pissed that I would seriously punch them and not talk to them ever again I would not be like Naomi and think it would just be for fun >:(