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I've always wanted to be an artist, but in high school I let my relatives and guidance counselors get the better of me.

Now I'm feeling lost as I zip my way to graduation with a BA in Japanese language.

Don't let others tell you to give up on your dreams!
And don't be like me and give up on things so easily.

Let's become diligent!!!
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adfjsldkjfasldkf why are you so good at hair, scoots? ;w; <3
He's sho cuuuuuute~ <3 nyufufufufu <3 The wittle tough guy~~~~ ( *w*)UFUFUFUFU

( >w>) (Sorry, it's just late at night for me, and he's freakin' adorable.)
@Inxerene: LOL kinky shit XDD <3
It's AMAZING~~~!!!!!! (>///w///< ) <333 Aaah we should totally have them go to the beach!!!
I love Kotaro's spatula! XD lolol <3
Gaaah everyone's so cute <3 You're so talented!!!!
lolololololololol maid skirt XD
Octavious is so intimidating!!! 8'DD
Jack! Trying to pay your way to forgiveness! >w<
The money is appreciated though. *snatches it quickly before Jack has chance to take it back*

@Oopsydaisy: DOHOHO c'B
*knows how you feel because she draws so slowly and was lazy this weekend*
xDDDDD lololololol Pico!
Dahahahaha Inxerene you are so clever!!!
XD Y-you seem so funny and nice but your character is so stern and scary! 8'D

(The gap is smexy ;w; <3)
Jack is soooo cute~ <3 >w<
lololololol Manhwa
Are you Korean?? XD You do it so well~~~ <3
Daww~ <33
So cute!!! <3

xD Aaah too funny~ <3
Such sexy boys~!! <3
@Inxerene: Yessss your post is AMAZING!!!! *///A///* <33 Haaahn~ <3
Octavious is so gorgeous ;w; <3
Thank yoou ;w; I can't wait for your guys' new pages too!!! *A*
Hnnnngggggghhhh he's so black and mysterious~~~ ( *///A,//*)

Aaah those slanty eyes <3

Everyone's lines for Pico are so clever!!! xDDD
Soooo lazzzyyyyyy ;w; ah well
Is it just me that draws really slowly? XD

(The Japanese is:"You must be hungry!"/"It's embarrassing")
....>w>; totally stole the last line (dakara/"because") from one of my friends. He says something in English and then follows it with "dakara." It's so cuuute. 8'DD
<--- lover of Asian men
*A* Yessss~~~ <3
Looking forward to your posts!!! >w< <3
Aah he's simply delightful!!! <3

I LOVE his horns~~ ( *A*)ノ //touches

Are you drawing a page where he jumps in, or is he already in the house (like Drake)?
<--- gonna draw a page now
Oooooooh you guys tickle me so~~~ <3333

Puhahaha that last panel XDDD
Ooooooh Such a sexy entrance for Rael~!!!! <33 Aaah I love your bodies <3333
puhahahaha Pico's face <3
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Aaaah xDDDD It took me a while to notice the Pizza in his eyes!!! XDDDD

( ;A;) *wants pizza too*
LOLOLOLOL I was totally not expecting that!!! xDDD <33333

What does that "now" refer to?!?!?!?! 8'DDDDDD

<----(perverted mind thought of something other than pizza first)