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Kieran's life has been like Toilet Paper. Long, and useful.

Here is Kieran's life as told by his friend Tiny:
Not many know the life story of Kieran, he was born in a log cabin that he himself built a mere 150 years ago. Minutes after birth, Dragons attacked his cabin, so he brandished his sword and fought for many moons. Due to his awesome fighting ability, the Dragons granted him immortality and some nachos. 135 years later, Kieran got bored and had himself re-birthed, due to the fact that he had been growing all those years and had reached 200 feet in height, and his pants no longer fit.

Now, 15 years later, Kieran is focusing his nacho fueled powers on making comics about his friends, a very small ninja and rocker from the 80s, who was accidentally born a few decades late.
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Regardless of what he's trying to catch
I just found the image of a dog fishing funny enough as is...
Also they NEVER over eat, not that that's related to this comic, but it's weird how often pig facts have been messed around with. :P
hehehehehehehe lovin this keep it up yall crazy nuggitz
I have a collection
Of facial hair. Who needs days of painstakingly growing and grooming the perfect stache when you can slap on a new one every day of the week?
October 11th, 2008
I like how his tie is flipped up but his hair is still completely normal.
That's it. This is my favourite thing ever. This comic. right here. Not just my favurite comic, my favourite anything. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.
Lemonade comics were my idea!

I'll let it slide THIS time, but only cause mine wasn't pink!
This has been like the best arc ever. Love it.

This page should be darker or something. The atmosphere seems off for how particularly evil the prince is acting here.

Still really awesome as usual though.
This comic
is 100% me. Pussy and proud.
I'm so entering the contest!
I'm loving this recently added shadow on Ebony's face. Is this a style change or is it just for this scene while he's being particularly evil?
This is an awesome one. But what happened to the xbox?
Haha... fists in a sword fight. Classic. Don't get me wrong, awesome comic and everything, but I always laugh when somebody gets punched in the middle of a sword fight.
First one that's really made me laugh in a while. Good job!