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Finnish person who loves to draw. I also like videogames.
"It's been over a year what the fuck took you so long???"
I know. A lot of things: Lack of motivation and energy for this at the moment, this is very tedious to draw, got a job earlier this year and after that it's especially been like "Do I wanna spend my precious limited free time drawing something fun that I'll like drawing or work on that tedious comic?" and the other fun drawing stuff tended to win most of the time.

"Why did you catch 4 pokemon from the safari zone that's cheating!"
Back when I did the gameplay I saw some people treat different areas like different routes and 2011 me decided to go with that as I didn't think I'd actually get pokemon from all of the areas since catching stuff in safari zone is different. But if it upsets you I can tell you that it made no difference in the end that I caught more than 1 pokemon from there.

"...But still!"
If it still upsets you, hop on your time machine and go back to 2011 and complain to the 2011 me who did the gameplay, 2017 me does not care.
Will I stop taking like half year breaks from this thing? I wouldn't count on it.

Anyway, Everybody in the comic continues to be horrible persons, Tortilla's facade of cockiness is starting to break down revealing like bazillion anxieties, yadda yadda and so on.

Past me, what where you thinking? Character developements??? Whhy did you think I could pull that stuff off??????

Stuff was going to be explained in more detail but ehhhhh a lot of stuff ends up being cut because we'll never get anywhere at this pace ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What is this? Update so soon-ish? What is this witchcraft??
Also what is this digital art stuff???
So uhh yeah when I started this whole thing doing the pages traditionally worked better in what my life situation was at the time, but it hadn't been working as well in my current life situation. But after getting my drawing screen tablet thingy, I kinda pondered and felt like doing the updates with that might work better in my current life situation. So here we are. The way I color might still change, who knows. But this worked for now.

Ohhhhhh look at them death threats. The team get's along so well.
And yes I committed the nuzlocke faux pas of boxing my starter no less in order to temporarily train another pokemon, oh my.

Also I feel like we might be starting to go into this territory again: If you are going to comment among the lines of "Why did you do that, Why didn't you do this?" etc., DON'T. Just don't. Gameplay had been done years ago so it won't help, I don't remember my exact reasonings, and mostly those comments get annoying.
Ahahahhahahaaaa it's been what, half an year since the last update? Ooops. I got distracted by vidya gaems.
And still am very distracted by them, mostly I got this drawn so I'll feel a bit less guilty for a while when I go back to drawing some video game fanart trash :V

Almost all the things that come to my mind to write in this description would be me complaining about all sorts of things, but we don't need that.
Tho I do have to complain a bit, freaking Tortilla you're still weird to draw and ughhhh colors I don't have red colors that'd look good I guess I'll gotta look into finding better shades of Red when I go somewhere that sells promarkers but that'll cost moneeyyyyy.

And also universe didn't want me to finish this I guess, I stayed up last night to 6am trying to get this finished, I was almost finished with writing the dialogue when photoshop fucked up and did something weird and I lost it all! And today when I first tried to do it I got halfway through rewriting the dialogue when BAM! POWER OUTAGE! MORE LOST PROGRESS!

Anyway I'm probably gonna go back to drawing video game characters kissing or some other trash like that.
How many months will it take for me to do the next update? Place your bets now!

This page was supposed to be done earlier buuuut I was like super distracted by Steven Universe's new episodes...

Anyways, yeah. Tortilla finally evolved and goddAMNIT Now I need to learn how to draw Blaziken in a way that still feels like Tortilla. Like Combusken is so simple and easy and fun to draw and I've been so used to thinking of Tortilla as a Combusken since it took so long to get to this point, but now I gotta deal with drawing Blaziken. So Tortilla's looks and especially colors will most likely be shifting a bit while I get used to this change.
An update! And now with more explosions!
And other things that are not as relevant.

Next update is already sketched and inked so maybe the next update will be done next week.

Also I used this super bright yellow pen on the electricity on the 5th panel but apparently the scanner just absolutely refuses to pick it up, and so it looks almost colorless. Weird stuff. But well now I know not to use that color in the future.
Oh hey that trainer guide thing from few pages ago was actually relevant and not just random padding! Oh my.

Also yeah I was reading my notes and turns out I skipped the last rival battle.
Don't ask me why.
Because I don't remember. The gameplay happened years ago. Maybe I just forgot to do it or something. But anyways so yeah I didn't do it.

On a different note, the next 2 updates are already sketched and inked and are only lacking colors, sooo I'll probably try to get the next update to happen maybe next week or something.
Oh hey look an update.
And Archie's back. And it's been so long from the last appearance that I had some trouble drawing him. And had to draw the old design, the new design would be more fun to draw (except for the clothes)
Poor Curry, having to fly all over the place.

Also here's a thing I did for April Fool's day: 502
Ooops I lied, I was procrastinating so hard on the things I have to do that I ended up finishing this page so soon after the previous one. But still, don't start expecting the next page soon.

So yeahh, Rain, stuff and Mt. Pyre. Spooky ghost and stuff.
Viillokki's name means Fricassee but the name is also kind of a pun since "lokki" is seagull in Finnish and wingull is a seagull like pokemon.
Oh my god it's a new years miracle or something, I finished an update!
Tho don't start expecting the next page soon, I still have other stuff I need to do in my life, I was avoiding the things I should do and finished this page finally.

I had noo motivation to draw Wattson or the camera dudes after sketching the page, I think this is the last appearance of Wattson, thank god.

So yeah not much progress in this page, just doing that new mauville thing I forgot to do earlier

Also damn, some of my promarkers are kinda dying. I may have to someday consider coloring pages on computer or something.
Whoops seems like old Noneko didn't approve of the new Noneko, style change cancelled u guys ;CCC

I hope everybody has had a good April Fools and hasn't encountered any stupid pranks like screamers and whatnot. Anyways, the style change thing was obvious april fools thing as you probably figured out.

At first I had doubts about uploading the style april fools thing, as I wasn't sure did I manage to emulate the Digimon style well enough that people would recognize it, but some people did recognize it as Digimon style so success!

I will never be redrawing the old pages of my nuzlocke, I don't like how the old pages look but it'd take too long to redraw them, and also if I redrew the old pages, then probably the new pages would start looking ugly to me and we'd be in an endless loop of redrawing. So no redrawn pages from me.
Super serious stuff
Announcement time!
Personally I feel like the style of my nuzlocke has gotten outdated so...
Refreshing new art style!
I'm still fiddling around with the style, but this will be close to what it'll be like.
Like it? If no, I don't really care, it's a personal decision.

Furthermore, there's the thing with the old pages:
Old pages of the comic are... well...
Old. And ugly. :/
Let's fix that! I'll be redrawing all the old pages with the new style.
Soo the comic will be redrawn and It'll probably take long time.
whatwhatwhAAAAAAAAT? I actually finished this thing??? It only took like 1½ years or something of wow go me.

I was actually considering that I'd drop the team questions, but I finally decided do them with just the text answers. If I'll do another Q&A someday I gotta limit the team answers, like say straight up if you want questions that everyone will answer then they'll be just in text since these would've taken so many drawings if drawn. I skipped a lot of questions even, since I didn't have any interesting answers to them. Sorry if your question got dropped, I just didn't have anything interesting for it ^^'

I hope the relationship chart thing is understandable, it was becoming quite a arrow mess.

Fullsize pic of the reversed team is here:

Some of the theme songs were hard to decide, while others were easy and I had multiple possible ones for them. I wanted the songs to match lyrically and have a right kind of sound, so it was hard sometimes. I'm still not pleased with Curry's song but couldn't find a better one so let's go with that.

Links to the songs if you wanna listem to them:

Bring 'Em Down - Lostprophets:
Little Bird - Lisa Miskovsky:
Speaking Japanese - Shiny Toy Guns:
Still Alive - Lisa Miskovsky:
Elegy of the Torn-off Gentleman - Masakazu Sugimori:
The Neglected Garden - Cécile Corbel:

Also for funsies, if Tatti and Tortilla were a couple this would be the song of their relationship:
I just like the sound of that song so gotta share it :P
@Shadowkiller711: Oh don't worry I have no plans to stop making this comic, I just occasionally update bit slow as I get distracted by other things. But I'll still keep making this :)
Sup! Have a new page, with a gym battle!

Also, I remembered that I never put up a translation/Explanation of Pulla's name so I'm saying it now. There isn't really a direct translation for it, it's like a mildly sweet Finnish sweet roll, check out the Pulla wikipedia page for better explanation and pics:

Also also I drew some extra art of the nuzlocke if somebody wants to check that out:
@Thindra May, in this page I typoed the name and I don't have the psd file anymore so I could've corrected that xD
Helloo here we have an update!

This one is bit shorter and more filler, I just felt like I had to make a little page with the boxed pokemon, because at one point I had an idea that'd I'd do a side comic thing about what the boxed ones are up to, and I even sketched the first page, but then I realized that I do the main comic so slowly that no way I'd be able to manage side stuff. So since their comic got cancelled, I decided to try to occasionally find places here in the main comic to include them somehow. Man, there's too many side things I'd like to do, that boxed pokemon one and then I'd love to do like to do these comics about all the team members' pasts and their thoughts and feelings about being on the team but sheesh I'm lazy. And I doubt I'll be able to include all those things in the main comic...

After I started doing colored pages I've used plain lineart things and grayscale panels to indicate flashbacks, so I decided to use pencil sketch panels to indicate the Box stuff (shhh it spares my promarkers a bit)

So yeahhh. The box stuff won't probably happen often. But the plan is to revisit them at some point. It'll probably take forever until I'll find a good place for that though.
Have an update before Christmas!

So yeaah the rival battle was easy, since your rival's team has only three pokemon and only one is evolved pokemon and so on. Piece of cake.

Aaaaaad Keckleon. I kinda went to Steven Stone without having any encounters, and then I remembered that oh yeah, you encounter the Keckleon here. And I decided what the heck, let's just get that as the first encounter since otherwise I'd probably get another Linoone or something like that with my luck. :U
Trying to get stuff done, so have the Q&A of the main asshole from the Nuzlocke: Noneko!
Nooot much else to say. Sorry for the wall of text in that one panel. :U
Ahahhahaaaa it's been like over an year since I started the Q&A, I'm not a good Q&A pilot.
But yeah this took long cos I misplaced the sketchbook where I had done some of the sketches and whatever and I didn't feel like redrawing them even though it wouldn've been faster and I didn't even end up using all the ones in that sketchbook and blah blah, I'm lazy.

But Pasteija's Q&A is here now. Though like half of the questions to her were like compliments and so on