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I'm a Sci-Fi / Fantasy writer who also likes to make Fan Videos, DVD Covers, and Movie Posters. I also 'Sing' and can do Voices. I also Draw the comic 'The Adventures of Doctor Skip and Bleek-9'
I guess in the Pokemon world I would be like the person with the Meowth. Although it would be a Shix (Black Cat from Sinnoh) I would have a cat with me and hold it all the time.
ah, old friends meeting up after a long time. The monsters don't know their humans don't like each other. They just go 'hay, it's my buddy' and start playing.
poor rat. He just wanted to help
Go DT!!!!
I love Rat waving "Yo Dumbass over here, pick me!"
Go Atty! I beat Misty with a Charmander in Red and Broke with a Medapod only using struggle in Blue. Some times dumb luck beats out typeing
at least Fish finally got to go into water
HA! I always thought that was stupid that the only way to leave the town was to have cut or walk through some guys house
Magickarp is alive!!
Sandshrews :) My favorite Pokemon :) Run little guys!
Raptor Dragonthingy is AWESOME! Hang on Rat!!
Poor Karp
Poor Magickarp.... flops around chasing Atty then flung at a bomb
If only there were that many Clafairy in the games
With all the flopping around it's doing, Karp should be evolving soon. It only needs to get to level 20 and it's been 'splashing' this entire time trying to get to Attie
The Karp is still there
Poor Magickarp.... just keeps flopping along
Poor Rat, he/she was so traumatized by that battle with onix.
So DT ran off, Rat is still fallowing him behind some were, guess Atty will black out and have to start all over again
"Walk along the walls" that's how I did it in Red/Blue when I didn't have flash