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Wow, I feel bad for Josh. What is he thinking in the last panel??? Maybe he's developed a crush on Metis a few pages back, and now he feels rejected? He pretty much opened up to Metis; I don't think he has with anyone else. "I admire you. You're not afraid to be youself." I wonder how the next chapter will start off... it would be really awkward and hard to talk to each other afraid what happened. I'm so excited; you're such a great artist and writer! And cloverx helps, too, so that's great, props to you, too!
Man, that is too cool! Very nice, very nice! It looks like the makin' out's about to happen!

So, Josh is self-conscious??? Wow, kinda didn't expect that, but then I do...? I hear a lot of the "preppy, popular" people in school are really fake and are too scared to be who they really are. So maybe when Josh is with Metis, he'll go all emo/scene and wear eyeliner and get piercings! That'll be super cool!
Wow, this is great! Josh seems really, really, really sincere. If the punch isn't bother Metis anymore, what is??? I can't wait to read more!
Dude, too cool! Man, this is getting better and better up in hurr!! Wassup??! How is any romance going to come from this? Maybe they'll get fist-happy and just let their animal instincts lead the way.
I don't get why people say Metis deserves Josh punching him. I read the whole comic yesterday, and Josh took out his anger on Metis for being broken up. That's it. Metis didn't even do anything at all! Gosh.
Hey I just started reading your comic; man, it's sso fun! I love your style! It's so kiddy and simplistic; it's LOOOOVVVEEE!! And since I started all late on this, I get to read a bunch of pages! Okay, onto the next page...
NUU, YOU ARE SOOOOOO COOL! I adore this page so much! Ughghgjsghlkkljh, so Josh remembered all along! I knew it! But I understand why he didn't say sorry; I've been in the same situation. It's hard to apologize. But I wonder how it'll go from here??

Hey, you're at #64 on that chart thing! Cool! That's four plaaces up from yesterday! You're moving fast!
Hey, I voted agian at school! You're at #68!!! Congradulations! Eveyone, vote! Very soon you'll be in the top 50!!! Then you can update three times a week!

For those wanting to know the update schedule, the comic's updated Sundays and Wednesdays!

I can't wait for the next page tomorrow! What will Josh say next???!!!
I just started reading your comic maybe two months ago, and, man, am I in love! I thought it's high time I started commenting.

Your art is amazing.. I love your style!!! And I just love your chracters; they feel so real. The story is believable too!

I hope Josh really remembers the punch. Then he could explain why he didn't say anything at all. But like someone said, he might just be apologizing for the current conversation. I hope not.

I voted for you, and I would have without the incentive, but I hope you do update three times a week! Good luck in breaking top 50!