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hi im bubby im a bird who makes comics
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Riley is a wood thrush!
she talks a lot
im back! sorry for no updates last week, was out of town. also decided to go back to using crunchy lines cause i like them better
@RandomEgg: its been updating on the main site dont know why it hasnt been updating here... the artist must of forgotten to i guess
@MoxMox: Thank you! I enjoy drawing them in a weird cartoony way.
Yep. They're birds.
And that ends the first Interlude! New chapter starts next week with the chapter 2 title card.
This was a two page update! if you missed the other page be sure to click back <---
Two pages today! Be sure to click through --->
two pager today!
sorry for the impromptu hiatus! i had a bad gallbladder attack back in febuary that i didnt think would take months to recover from. i still havent fully recovered but im able to draw now so ill be trying to update regularly again
sorry for no updates for the past couple of weeks. i had some health issues goin on.

also another style change for the hell of it. i am a rebel what can i say.
sybils mom maple is a mallard!
this is sybil! her bird is a white dove c:
guard guy's name is alder and hes a northern cardinal!