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i write, i shout, and i sing. welcome.
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this archive has been left up for fans of the story to enjoy what was created before our collaboration came to an end.

please do not abuse this goodwill, and be civil to both the artist and other commenters. thank you.
i seriously need something to smack me every monday and thursday so i can REMEMBER TO UPDATE, FFS
i have to remember smackjeeves exists!! i'm such a horrible updater D: see guys, there's a reason i'm the writer and i make Eme handle all the technicalities (because THEY WOULD NEVER HAPPEN OTHERWISE).
MORE happy familying! : D
[does a song and dance]
TARARAAANNNNN happy monday my dears
my memory sucks and i apologize. for a cool announcement and a chance to learn more about the supporting 100DoN cast, go to our latest page on the comic's personal site. we think you'll enjoy what we have in store :)
and the long day is taking its toll out on everyone. :C
better late than never, right? >.>
dun DUNNNNN. [/intelligent author commentary]
operator, we're going to need an ambulance. there's been an acute moodswing in this story for the 209384059th time.
she angry (the understatement of the century).

happy thursday. ;)
TADA! cliffhanger.

see you in two weeks (no, it's not the end of the chapter, we're just taking a break because RL is being a bitch). smooches.
I think I speak for all of us when I go 'FINALLY.'
better late than never, right?

try keeping the smartassery in the comments section down, please.

new page.
he looks smoking when he's annoyed. wouldn't you agree? :3
@Kata Chthonia: he's had a really long day, can you blame him? they don't like each other yet. faar, faaaaaaar from it. XD
you may now commence with the obligatory teasing that has no basis in reality (yet).
enter a total artist-and-author favorite. we're not even sorry.

happy thursday.