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I dunno

I art?

I read?

beh i just like internet stuff :'D
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May I just say that I have been absolutely captivated by your story for the last few months. I get all giddy when I see a new update. > u <
Woulda thought someone died, but this is a better outcome. way better. C:
@MecanicalCH: Thaaaankyou! Im not alone on this freaking topic. I constantly get shut down for being in the middle ground with these consoles. I also go for Xbox I have been with them since the start but have dabbled with Playstation. I prefer alot of the Xbox features but think Playstation has held it own for obvious reasons as well. As for E3 I was floored by all the presentations, no one disappointed but then again that's an opinion from one gamer. I plan on getting both thankfully I've been saving for them, so I'll be happy. C:
This was the one place I thought I was safe from this topic. This constant bashing is perhaps the one thing that killed all the hype for new gen games and consoles. I actually have no problem with either console. In all honesty people should just get over it, buy the one they want then be happy and play videogames. Yep.
. _ .
the first thing i noticed was that it looks like hes wearing a dota shirt in the last panel xD

yay new page
So while sleep continues to elude me I decided ima sit down and find something to read on dear ol' jeeves, then "oh how bout this one?"
about an hour later I am now wondering how i didn't find you sooner :'D