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I have read and illustrated comics since childhood. It has been the best way for me to release my imagination out into the universe. What better way to tell story, or express an idea.

As I've gotten older, i've not been as artistic due the burdons of work and home that keep you in the world of the mundane. But in the past couple of years I've found myelf going back to that creative spark that resides in the deep space of my mind. And once again that world has started to spill out onto whatever medium I choose.

I am currently using a samsung note 10.1 w/ sketchbook pro. I dont claim to be a top notch artist. Novice at best. But I do appreciate any feedback, as I am still learning.
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Loving it thus far! This page probably my fav. Love the story as well as the art.
im in
Im a fellow sci fi lover. Its hard to find good sci fi nowadays, but this scratches my itch! Well done, your style is unique.