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female from the Philippines loves anime and more and interesting stuff i don't plan to create my own art but maybe in the future (i like yaoi so in my Favorite MOST OF them are yaoi so check them out it might interest you peace off BYe yOO> :D
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oh great :D
i honestly thought that the comic will not update but, im happy that you did not abandoned it thank you for your hard work....and sorry for some folks that...said those mean and rude/harsh things i know its hard to update...your just a one people person ..... so we could wait for the comic....thanks for the hard work! :3
pOOR saNdwhich and poor simone
i love this story so freaking much
yey a page :D keep up the great work :3
me:SCANDAL?! O.O my friend :did you do something me: oh nothing
MY friend was so shocked when she heard me shouting scandal XD her face was price less
wow i like to know what will happen until then keep up the good work :D
LOvE ITs A crazY yEt romantic and sweet thing <3 :D
i like where this is going O////O
pft!@ the mysterious guy broke the cool line wit a GAH IT'S SO ITCHY IN THESE BUSHES!!!