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Just a nerdy girl, likes anime and etc.

>Currently doing:

You gotta be kidding me!
-First chapter may seem boring, but the real humour starts at the second. This is a shoujo manga, but better fit in josei. I find the concept to be for young adults.

>Maybe making:

Silly days.
-More to humour, strip comics. Most characters are male (main and side characters). It's more to daily-life. If "You gotta be kidding me!" reach 100+ fans. It's about a megane boy and his friends.
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I'm fine now so tomorrow, I can make a new one. ^^
Sorry! So late. I have had a problem with my social life.
Next page going to be a bit late..
Tomorrow I'll start the comic page (maybe). Btw, he wears pants.
gonna make character descriptions.