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A crazy girlie-girl who loves angst and retrospect, shoujo.
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This is too cute! Not only do you capture the intrigue of all the original characters, but your new characters just fit right in! And I love the little lyrical intones in their speech! Great job thus far!~
I've said it before and I'll say it again; your art is just GORGEOUS. Yumi is BEAUTIFUL. And Rin, who was always a cute little girl, is made even more adorable by your art. Your expressions are so telling. You're really good at this.

Glad to see you're continuing. And I like the fact that when you update, it's always with multiple pages. It makes it seem worth the wait. (atleast to me)
OMG...I didn't realize such a comic was even ON this site! Your other comic is ethereal and beautiful, but this one is simply breathtaking! Your colors are gorgeous and your page set-ups are just...WOW. I definately look forward to seeing more of your work. This one looks like it could be in a bookstore somewhere for sale, it's so professional. I just love the look of this last page.
This is a beautiful comic. It has a sort of ethereal quality to it, a haunting quaility, accented by the first few colored pages. The story is very engaging, and I find myself fearing for both Ate and Arael. The tone seems meloncholy, and the whole comparison to Romeo and Juliet hints at disaster. I'll be eagerly awaiting an update from you!
I'm really sorry about everything that's been happening to you lately. First your nephew, then your grandmother, and a friend to boot. I know it feels like the end of the world, but things will get better.
Thank you, Kiandranishan!

I fret alot over panels..I'm never quite satisfied with them. Neji is actually my favorite person to draw..even though I draw him more bishonen than he's supposed to be...
OMG...that STOMP attack, in retrospect, is pretty severe. That can seriously KILL someone. (somehow, the anime fails to portray the danger of certain attacks) I feel sorry for EVERYONE. The prof (on the prev page) reaaally looked as if he did NOT want to use that attack, and you could see the boy struggling with himself before finally deciding to leap in.

On a side note, (don't know if I commented on this before or not) I love your coloring. Most people use alot of black colors, but your gray tones really set the mood. (do you use copics?)
Your work is always so beautiful, but what really amazes me are your backgrounds. They're so ENGAGING. It draws the eye in and makes you look at not just the central focal point, but EVERYTHING.
This page, for some reason, made me sad. The lines, "Our relationship would always be like this" and also, "his mood swings would continue to cause issues." It sounded so bittersweet, as though she's simply SETTLING, as though she's not REALLY happy with things, but that's just the way they have to be. It brings to mind even strongly the fact that she really didn't CHOOSE him, per se, she was simply created to BE with him.

Beautiful page. I love her blush. (she's so innocent compared to Adam) And I can't wait till the next chapter.
"So this is fine, I guess". Does that mean he hired that girl (Sakurako) to pretend to be his girlfriend or something??! This is getting better by the page. I can't wait to see how it plays out. I feel so sorry for Yana chan, though...
I LOVE that 6th panel; the position of her arms and the swinging of her hair really depict movement. You drew that PERFECTLY. Somehow when I try stuff like that, it always ends up looking stiff. (-_-).oO
LoL..thanx alot for your kind words! (even though my composition/art doesn't NEARLY compare to your greatness..) (@_@)
I saw this quite by accident while browsing I'll admit I wasn't sure what to expect..I didn't know if this was one of those fluffy shojo romances or a romantic comedy or what. However, after reading the whole thing, I have to say that this is one of the best web manga I've read in a LONG time. To say that your pages flow seamlessly would be an understatement; it's almost like watching an actual ANIME, the way your pages flow together. Not only that, but even without the use of words you still manage to successfully communicate the message across. I wish I could be so talented. Now you've got me on the edge of my seat, wondering just who that handsome dark haired man is, to keep scaring away all her would-be suitors. I especially feel sorry for young Tad, who honestly seemed to like her.

It's a bit shocking to see her best friend and Tad talking to gether like that, but I'm gonna keep an open mind here, since it might not even be what it seems to...

I'll definately be keeping an eye out for this one, and GREAT JOB!
LoL...glad to see Adam getting reprimanded. It's past due, I think. Though I can't help but think of what he might have gone through with Lilith to make him so.....sceptical and wary of Eve. It must have been some ordeal.

I feel SOO sorry for Eve right now. She just looks so lost and innocent...
Great representation. Nothing said it clearer, I think. ^^; (love the goblin thingie that get's it's head and arm chopped off..) LoL..
CUTE! Did you color this with Copic markers?
Just LOOKING at this page makes me swoon! I admire your attention to detail. That wall, floor...heck, the whole HALLWAY looks AMAZING.
This sounds interesting. And your translations are great thus far. ^^

I can tell you pay ALOT of attention to detail. The art is very meticulous. (and good!) Even the bricks in the background show alot of thought. You're a great artist. And it looks as though you've been influenced a bit by the great Akira Toriyama. (the main character looks alot like Gohan in his Saiyaman get-up.)

I look forward to reading more.
This looks interesting. Your art, already I can tell, is very detailed, and I look forward to seeing more. ^^

I'm gonna keep an eye on this; it's nice to see other Naruto Doujinshi with original characters.