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Hey, I am a Canadian guy who fell in love with art at a young age and started perusing it profoundly when I was 17. I haven't had much education in the matter and am more self taught than anything else. I am sorry to say that I don't have much time for art, yet many ambitious ideas are running rambunctious in my mind, so I will try to submit them as soon as possible in a regular basis.
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Went to Neko The and got a warning like I was trying to hack the UN bankroll!
Long time Gar and Paige! We Canadians like to be Thankful for more than just a day (since Black Friday is named because it was noticed that people are more likely to literally die due to the sales) So we had ours a while ago... And I am still thankful for that! Also, This reminds me of my hypothesis that Hitler never took a dump.
Sorry for not always replying. have been checking up on my phone, and, well, phones don't allow comments. Or reading your initial comments. How jack!

Anyways, I did want to touch base and say sorry to hear that you are out of work, wonder if you have employment insurance over there, wondering if you have dollar stores there, wonder if you still are with Paige, (like I said, First day back using a computer) and wonder if another bank will hire you?
Wow, the flashback made me wonder... Your first comment on the first comic was on July 27, 2010... that's almost 6 years ago to the day!

That and finding out that I've been reading some comics for a year now (not realizing it was that long) makes me feel old.

Anyways, I agree, the journey is based on the same, however, sometimes, just for kicks, the last part is omitted. AKA the hero dies.

American horrors are the same "Psycho is on the loose - shit happens - people run - psycho kills people - psycho is stopped.

Sometimes the psycho isn't human, but you feel safe at the end.... Asian horrors though.... shit gets real!
I love how Murphy lays down the law that ends up activating Murphy's law! And the bonus comic to boot.... wow!

Too bad he didn't win though....

Oh and is Keno a eccentric genius though? He acts so naive most of the time, but avoids being neutered by making it with Murphy, is cultured enough not only to know what a haiku is, but to have a conversation in haiku, Challenges Aya out of "boredom" which allows her to just relax, be herself and enjoy herself.... It like he's a hidden genius!
Gar Gar Gar! In panel 3, Aya's foot jumps to her front! She should be missing one front foot, but I see two there
Ok liked and shared... oh and Gar, I don't get this page
High and drunk George telling his husband "This time you play Murphy!

It Takeis Two Episode 3: Cosplay fun
I feel bad Gar. I have been creeping on your page for a bit now, never actually comenting, just enjoying your comics, like peeping tom
Missing your comics Gar
FINALLY found Keno on Top Web Comics!!!
@Lyak: your analogy is amusing to no end. Enjoy thow Saskatoon jizz berries, fine jester. Thow has rightfully earned them.
@NtKGar @Connors : If we were to abstractly look at a plant's cycle and compare it to the digestive track, the creation of oxygen by the leaves would be the restart track allowing for the origination of the blood/chlorophyll. The roots would be it's mouth taking up all the nutrients into the truck being the esophagus, the stomach being found in its leaves which feeds the plant to produce fruit.

So following through, it would be as if the branches act as both intestines and esophagus, the trunk mainly being the esophagus, the leaves acting as nose and stomach which would leave the poop being the produce made. Yummy idea that your grocery store produce section is nothing more than an arrangement of assorted plant poop. Puts a new definition to the term "Don't put that shit in your mouth"

Ps: long time no talk Gar. But don't worry... been keeping my eye on you
@NtKGar: Cat of Ulthar is right but I'll make it simpler for you... in French, a double e always has the accent on the first e when ending a sentence.

However, keeping the french into it, you can also remember that you are Paige's Fiancé and she is your fiancée.

Ooooor you can simply marry her and not have to worry at all^^
e.e beat me to it, but is GM+PK an ode to Gar Molloy and Paige? I thought you two were married though...

Also I second Juan's comment

PS: Dibs on being first to comment on the giant bummy in the field!
@quantum: why go away? we'll miss you
in panel 3, is that an ode to Under the Dome?

Also, Classic Keno!
@quantum: why don't you go check it out? it's on smackjeeves too
@quantum: Lets play sometime, but for higher stakes!!!!