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"So, you wanna build a rocket?"
@Woo: coolyyyyy

Just er....put myself in it >_>
Can III? =3
Looking slick and awesome!

I seriously look forward to it mate!~
@Clan: Well then, I look forward to seeing it~
Why do I feel like I have something to do with this?
@Clan: I mean, I the SOD, nuke entire planets before capturing the survivors and selling them as slaves or harvesting their the millions.
@Clan: Well, I'm pretty sure there are those people who prefer natural organs compared to lab grown ones so they much be a luxury only available for a high price.
Its tiny ^^'
You better hope you're not on the receiving side!
A space crusier?
Damn, thats huge!
This looks great!
One pikachu and his quench for revenge on the one's that destroyed everything he had ever loved. But many paths block him from achieving that goal. To overcome these obstacles, he will make allies and even more enemies, create both good and evil for many and fight between his ambitions and the morals.

However, as he matures and grows, he learns that his existence is much, much more than that of any ordinary pokemon.

Will his good win or will his evil trample over it?

This comic is quite dark and bloody. You have been warned.