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"So, you wanna build a rocket?"
Alrighty lads, page one hehe
Here it is, let it begin!
@Woo: coolyyyyy

Just er....put myself in it >_>
Can III? =3
Looking slick and awesome!
Yet another character!

I seriously look forward to it mate!~
Better then CR10
@Clan: Well then, I look forward to seeing it~
Why do I feel like I have something to do with this?
@Clan: I mean, I the SOD, nuke entire planets before capturing the survivors and selling them as slaves or harvesting their the millions.
@Clan: Well, I'm pretty sure there are those people who prefer natural organs compared to lab grown ones so they much be a luxury only available for a high price.
Its tiny ^^'
You better hope you're not on the receiving side!
A space crusier?