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Reading, drawing, learning new things...
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wo hoooo....congrats
I have an idea...If you like it use it....if not, don't ..1. Aki has that cut on his face, it didn't affect him so far...while working as a waiter he could start having minor problems: his eye could be affected; some eye-hand lack of coordination, a dizzy spell, or some blurry vision, a headache
2. Aki for some reason gets out in the rain or gets stuck outside of the house.....a few days later he gets a cold, but he successfully hides it....but it gets worse to the point they find him collapsed
let me tell you this....your drawings are amazing....are you willing to teach me?...I would love to learn...also I have a lot of ideas for comic books and manga ...and I want to be able to draw them.....please I beg for some materials, references or tutorials...and what program are you using?, even the resolution of your pages...... would be a lot of help........please please......also I love Reiner and June
you can always overwork Aki till he collapses ...low blood prsuure or not enough calcium
there's paint tool sai fre downloadable version if you don't have any's pretty easy to use
ha ha
@oreocake: anyway if you're interested I have way more ideas...just let me know
you can always complicate their of them could be an orphan and lived on streets practically his whole life...the other:fayren:his father could turn abusive or he could get attacked in an alleyway on his way home
Damn that's brilliant I need more....I can provide some ideeas if you'd like...Also I wanted to ask you how do you draw your comics...I'm new to this thing and your art is amazing
need next page.............I'm addicted
You could get Gray, being like this from an past trauma....or he could get kidnapped too and be the only survivor and he escapes in the worst possible condition
oh the drawings are perfection....I really enjoy the style
Zapada=snow in Romanian
I'm guessing it was a test to see what kind of feelings the fox had....If he had real feelings or it was as sneaky as the others he has to hunt....
Also you could add a fox or two that are also trying to hunt Sacha...Or Mikal's father finding out about their relationship....or Sacha could be bullied at school by a guy that wants to claim him.
Use any version you want...if you want