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Hi. ouo I like bl...Drawing is really fun. I like drawing fanart for the webcomics on here. =w= Blood and gore is also nice. But if it's too much it's not as cool, or well it has to make sense. unu I like being part of the community. I'll post a webcomic some day with my friend probably, but at this moment I want to get better at drawing. Plus I'm still getting used to showing people my art sense some people in the past(ish) haven't been too nice about it... I also collect manga. owo but I'm not a weeaboo. u.u And Animal crossing is one of my favorite games! Welp, anyway. Hi again. ouo
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I hope she ends up talking with the cute lady,,,
They're so cute.uwu I love them so much.uwu
Oh my god Alex don't. HA.
I had an essay to do, but then I saw this one cute fanrt I decided to go on tumblr just to get a few pics. Then BAM. 2:30 in the morning... Shit...
Oh, this is very nice. uwu I like it hand drawn. uwu
//whispers You're a girl right? uwu;;;
Hug is really cute and adorable though. uwu
/UPDATE OH MY GOD/ -GROSS SOBBING IN THE DISTANCE- This page tho. It's perfect. HE KNOWS something's up.uwu
Um, I'm not really sure what to do with life anymore. Um, I think I'm dead inside. (In a good way) Just letting you know.
September 29th, 2013
wdfncjkwercbw Needs more updates. :W:
Good job Alex. Good job. uwu;
Dylannnn, just let it happen.uwu
And Alex, you a cutie. uwu
Dexter. You short. ;W;
B.... Bunny.
School's started for me too. ;___;
Two... Two weeks.. ;~; Hnngh And Dylan you are disappointing aren't you? It's written all over your face. uwu
Oh wow Dylam looks cute peeking out of the door. uwu
Oh wow cuties.
Wwhehh needs uppdatteee.