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Hi. ouo I like bl...Drawing is really fun. I like drawing fanart for the webcomics on here. =w= Blood and gore is also nice. But if it's too much it's not as cool, or well it has to make sense. unu I like being part of the community. I'll post a webcomic some day with my friend probably, but at this moment I want to get better at drawing. Plus I'm still getting used to showing people my art sense some people in the past(ish) haven't been too nice about it... I also collect manga. owo but I'm not a weeaboo. u.u And Animal crossing is one of my favorite games! Welp, anyway. Hi again. ouo
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I hope she ends up talking with the cute lady,,,
Oh my god Alex don't. HA.
I had an essay to do, but then I saw this one cute fanrt I decided to go on tumblr just to get a few pics. Then BAM. 2:30 in the morning... Shit...
Oh, this is very nice. uwu I like it hand drawn. uwu
//whispers You're a girl right? uwu;;;
Hug is really cute and adorable though. uwu
/UPDATE OH MY GOD/ -GROSS SOBBING IN THE DISTANCE- This page tho. It's perfect. HE KNOWS something's up.uwu
September 29th, 2013
wdfncjkwercbw Needs more updates. :W:
Good job Alex. Good job. uwu;
And Alex, you a cutie. uwu
Dexter. You short. ;W;
B.... Bunny.
School's started for me too. ;___;
Oh wow cuties.
Wwhehh needs uppdatteee.
Moe (IS THAT HIS NAME?!) is exactly what he needs. I like him, I like him a lot. uwu And he's a cutie which is plus!
Kaito will do it someday I just know it. *^* And I will be watching from a bush screaming internally. uwu

/steals virginity again for later yummies/
Oh my gosh, that heart. Because that's what love is./hahaha/ uwu

When I saw Kaito saying that I just took a deep inhale. Oh Kaito my babu. ;W;
Oh wow cuties.