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Hullo there! I'm VV and I'm a complete jackass at times, so don't mind me.
Marry me
HOLY CRAP. I'm SO glad I found this comic! It had me laughing at every page, seriously! (Which is bad because it's four in the morning here in Sweden and I think I woke my little brother up.) The art is great and everything is just YES! Perfect! This is the best comic I've ever read! Or, rather, it shares the first place with Honeydew Syndrome, which is super, too. Speaking of which, it's thanks to nuu that I found this comic, 'cause she linked to it from Honeydew Syndrome.
Done ranting! You're amazing, please update soon! Soon soon, that is. I want to read more. You just bought my love, dear artist!
(Off to stalk you down... heh... heh...)
Yay, you're back! And an update!
Gasp, I'm leaving tomorrow night, and I won't be back for two weeks.
OH MY FUCKING GOD, I won't be back! At all! After that little vacation I'm going straight to our new apartment in a town that is who knows where! GAH! Well, anyway, my point is, I'm sad because I'll miss a lot of updates. (Mmm, a lot of reading when I get back.)
Hahaha, wonderful. The monologue is awesome, too. (Monologue rather than dialogue, right?)
When the hell are you updating? No threats, no bad feelings... I'm just depending on it.
I feel like he's been waiting for an opportunity to punch Josh's (lovely) face...

Anyway, despite how much I love this story, it depresses me. Or, well, because of how much I love it... Next week I have to give away this laptop and then I'll have to sneak on my brother's computer to check on updates... And my brother is not that nice! (Won't you print the pages and post them to me? I'll give you my address...)
I loved this page. But then, I do love all of them. I'm addicted to them. OH DEAR LORD, I am obsessed with them...

Update soon!
WHAA? That's it?! Now that I've read through the whole thing, I guess I'll have to be patient for new updates. (Sob.) I don't want to wait! ARGH!

Well, I should go to sleep anyway. But most probably I'll go working on my book! (Which, frankly, won't be longer than maybe 30 pages if I'm lucky...) I think I want the main characters to get together... and it will be a lot of fluffy Yaoi... (Hey, that's another 100 pages... only hot Yaoi sex... I am such a genius!) Only with short breaks for food and toilet. (Shower doesn't count. Normal people have gay sex in the shower, too!)

... Anyway, update soon, and I'll go cry my eyes out to some Aimee Mann.
No! No! Update soon and I'll be sitting ready by the computer, waiting eagerly. (It's okay, I have time to spare. I have no school until Friday. Oh, horrible Friday!)


I think I'll last for ten pages before the Yaoi breaks out...
... Not allowed to give our their addresses?
Every new school year we get a sheet with everyone's name, phone number and address... hehe.
Anyway, poor Emo being named Taki. “Taki” is just too cute. (Maybe I'm the only one that thinks so.)
She was already reminding me of Excel very much... hahaha... that didn't help...

I love Excel Saga.
I love this too.
Well... seems promising! I like your art. Please update soon!
Bleeehuurghh, I can't play the oboe.
Bad joke tapeworm...
I have a MacBook G5 with a 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and uhh... 55.89 GB capacity... something. I give up.

You're funny.
I need one of those to use on my brother. And my dad. And maybe mum. And half of my friends. And myself.
I love Scrubs... It's great! Right, JD?