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Bass is my god-father...sooo..if you have pie and you're not sharing, then you're already dead. Better run and hide. Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife 'cause I'll be blowing your head off!!!
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I noticed that you made Harold's eyes red...
Alienoid kinda looks like a Cyclops-Avatar in this picture. (The Last Airbender, mind you.)
lol still reading old posts
@Djoing So does Airdoc get his own page?
Now..Onto the Doc stages. XD
@Chaun When did DJ wear a fedora?
So when Mojo was fighting Protoman and Proto said "LOL U FITE LIEK ME" in Hard Man's stage, he already KNEW!!!
This is for Quickman
I don't care if this gets submitted or not, but I wanted to ask: Can you beat Sonic the Hedgehog in a race?