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I Naiko! I like to be free, dictated by my ideals, diving into my world and my bubble away from everything.

Who am I ? I am a young woman debutante artist. I like simple pleasures of vi. Ie: drawing, reading, playing video games (I'm a Fan of Taes and Pokemon and all other RPG games). My greatest passion is drawing course. I draw since long. The second passion is that I am a true geek addicted to computer games and JRPG.

I present to you my three projects! :

My Nuzlocke Pokemon
-Curse Of Kanto

My "Loves Boys (Yaoi)"
- Kibo No Sakura

Undertale fanmad
-Undertale Or Insidetale

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@SilverPokemon5: Thank you for your comment, but I publis especially now on my DA and BD is more advanced on if you want to read is my NaikoDraw Nickname, avatar with Pony Pegase otherwise here is the link =>
@AsrielArtist: Yes I have one, but I rarely post above, a friend helped me déoslée poster for the delay but I publis this comic on DevianART, those are my pages I keep working on my PC ^^
@UnlimitedMagic7: Non c'est gentil ^^ je crois avoir compris, c'est juste le fin sur le fait de retournée dans son "temps" que j'ai eu un peu de mal à comprendre
Moi j'ai eu du mal à tout comprendre 8D...mais je pense que ça se tiens
Kid: Je ne me souviens quasiment de rien...une violente douleur, une grande peur aussi, et puis...tout était si noire et si pensais être mort...
Kid: AH! Doggo m'a attaqué c'est vraie, je me suis protègé par reflexe et puis son attaque m'a heurté de pleins fouet. Ensuite....
Kid: Ensuite je crois que...ah....c'est totalement iréaliste ce que je suis en train de vivre, d'un façon ou d'une autre je suis revenu dans le temps...j'aurais donc assez de détermination pour le faire ?
Kid: Je serais assez fort ?.....
Kid: J'aurais plus de courrage que je ne le pensais ?
Kid: voudrais juste que cette douleurs que j'ai renssentis; ne soit jamais infligé à quiconque d' dois mettre un terme à cela!
Sans: Ce gamin est définitivement spéciale.J'ignore comment il a fait, mais il manipule aussi le temps. Mais, combien de temps tiendra-t-il ? Il semble trop fragile pour notre monde.

Kid: I hardly remember of anything ... a violent pain, much fear too, and then ... everything was so dark and so cold ... I thought I'm was dead ...
Kid: AH! Doggo attacked me, indeed. I am protected by reflex, and then his attack hit me. Then....
Kid: Then I think ... ah ... all, all I'm trying to live, seems unrealistic. One way or another I came back in time ... so, I have many determination in me for that ?
Kid: I would be strong enough .....?
Kid: I would have more courage than I thought?
Kid: No ... just this pain... should never be inflicted on anyone else ...I have to put a term to that!
Sans: This kid is definitely special. I don't know how he did it, but he also manipulate time.But how long does it take? It seems too fragile for our world.
@Strongfish95: I absolutely do not think that this page is much like XD
Thank you very much, I tried to actually give information about the soul
the player. I am delighted to see that you like it! =)
Chara: That is how your adventure ends ... you were not strong enough will never. You're just filled with "fear" and "despair".
Chara: An broken SOUL, wandering aimlessly in this darkness that are mine.
Chara: Well, it was fun, but now ... I'll take what you owe me.
Heart: Chara will go take your soul. But you remember the suffering it might cause around him. This same pain you did to everyone in your last "adventure". You understand the consequences, you can even feel pain inside you, knowing what will happen to everybody if you give up now, you do not fight only for you but for everyone who was injured by your errors. You are filled with deep compassion that you filled with "DETERMINATION"
Heart: Your soul is filled with compassion and determination, your soul has two colors, two forces, which gives you the power to push your assailant and so return to your journey.
Chara: You still think to resist me? This game is fun for you? Okay ... play ... play once still ... one last time .
April 26th, 2016
Mooohhhh Is So Cute !
It is true, I think just like you. A punch for a pokemon are not like that of a human. I also think that the bats Charmander does not like that, but she does not know how to use his powers poor ... TAT Claire not give up!
I think the poor Claire does not hit very hard but she did her best she is clever! XD
Vraiment heureuse de voir enfin la suite ^^
Le montage photo est totalement dégueulasse, mais c'est juste pour le fun. Je vais me faire un Cosplay de Sans pour une petite convention en Juin. Pour le moment j'avance doucement, il manque le mask, le short, la capuche à arranger et deux trois autres choses ( j'ai les chaussons XD) voilà ! j'avais envie de vous le partager ^^

The photo montage is totally disgusting, but it's just for fun. I'd be Without Cosplay for a small convention in June. For the moment I advance slowly, he misses the mask, shorts, hood and other things small (I've the slippers XDD) Well! I wanted to just share you ^^
@Strongfish95: pooor Jerry XD
@Zeexs: Yeah =D
April 21st, 2016
Merveille couverture juste je l'adore vraiment belle bravo ! ><
@BitzKyt: The legend tells that this is the place where humans died .... that of its ruins to no luck ... haha
@Strongfish95: Yeah XDD it was easy!
@Diamondman: You are not wrong in a sense. The star of some importance, and some intelligence. but more explanations and answers on the following pages.
@Strongfish95: Go Trolling actived!
@Strongfish95: Thank you very much! I like to customize the covers! I hope to do even better for the next hehe!