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Please like my shitty art
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September 18th, 2013
September 6th, 2013
I know my doodles aren't the best but bare with us for now. Bear? Bare? Eh. Grammar.
This is it
So this might just turn into a stick comic if I get lazy enough. The other SUPPOSED author seems to not want to upload anything either soooo
@arty panda: --lack thereof
@arty panda: pumpkin what pumpkin
Humping me as she said it.
You rock!
@arty panda: oh my gosh man thanks dood me and the coauthor are so faux gay we're always making each other laugh so she thought we should make comics about it. The comics will (hopefully) get less shitty the farther on we go so please stay with us! (Are you a homestuck?)
Pachibear has all the D
She's obsessed with homestuck so the sexual innuendos half the time are related to buckets (ladies)
It ALWAYS HAPPENS. my stylus tries to irk me and it works

I really like these muted colors. I dislike bight colors, especially neon.
we like to make fun of things. it's love. we bond
this is the touched up version. muuuch better
My best friend is obsessed with this online interactive webcomic. It is insane. Well, her and the webcomic. The fans are terrifying
they're all bronzed too. I am so pale you can't look at me in the sun
@robotpop: Oh, nice! It's cool
white collar, perception, mentalist, castle, psych, monk, dexter. THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD.
The colors are gorgeous and I loove the font.
Coo coo cachoo
The little flower on my head is akin to the head feathers of a cockatoo. They change according to my mood.
@ItzyBitzyDitzy: amen to that, sister.