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About me:I love writing and reading Fantasy and my goal is to create a functioning world. I really like the literature way of doing Fantasy so my writing tends to lean in that direction.

Currently working on a new comic- and I'll be attending Megacon down in Orlando, FL (2015). So stop by and say Hi if you're there :D
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OOPS that's a bit hard to read.....rats sorry guys
More to come next week - my goal is to have enough time to post the remaining 6 pages next week :)
After that I'm going to switch to one update(multi pages) at the end of each month :D
Good news: the rest of chapter 2 is watercolored just needs scanned, cleaned up, and words...
Not so great news: I'm out of town though for a convention for the next three weeks so it's not going to be instant.
Better news: once I'm back to my desk just going to do a large update. You guys have waited long enough and since I can't seem to stick to the week schedule with my work/life schedule- I'm just going to do more pages when I do post.
@estrachan: Thank you for waiting! I'm aiming at post last Monday of the month from now on. Hopefully this will work out and get the comic back on track T-T even if it is longer between updates. ><
@Novanto: Poor Aiden ^^ Trapped on a journey with THAT~
That's all for now- I'll keep at it :D
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
Thanks for waiting!
Ok Aiden's new design~ Let me know what you think!
September 29th, 2015
@estrachan: He'll get his spots back...eventually...maybe
September 28th, 2015
Coming soonish
Ok these two are as far as I got because I couldn't make up my mind for the longest time on the new design. The 3rd page IS still getting updated this week, but it will prob be toward the end of the week.

- That being said please let me know what you all think of the comic so far. Good and Bad. :)
September 21st, 2015
check news
Hey guys updated the Comic news for the next update
@catfire13: lol
September 13th, 2015
After this, comic resumes Monday Updates
@estrachan: Wb, I enjoy sticking Clarence(the horse) in the BG's
...I had totally forgotten Vicus's Quill the first time I uploaded this.
August 25th, 2015
@estrachan: Vicus wouldn't read the fashion memo even if he was given one lol.
August 23rd, 2015
And so it continues~
Hey guys, this is just a temp page til I get the real one done- I figured you wanted Pages more than a chapter cover ^^
@estrachan: That's just how I draw his teeth in general- a friend saw my original character design and was like...spice him up a bit (which is also why Aiden gets a makeover next chapter lol) One of my goals on this comic was to improve my character designs ^^
@estrachan: <3 TY I love these two!

I would check back in about 3 weeks cause I'm still adjusting to my new schedule and I needed the time to draw the next ch- already scripted and plotted out just needs to hit that paper ^^