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I don't do much outside. Mostly play Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Minecraft, or PSO. I can be pretty blunt and harsh, but can also be really positive. And weird. Very weird. I have more alter-ego's than even I can remember. I can also get pretty long winded.
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    Amanda Craig
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@IMONFIREGUY: Nooooo, shame! Shame on you! Shame on your Cuiburn! DX
Anyone else wondering when Atticus became a king?
That look of pure hate when someone you dislike walks in the room.
Nope nope! That vase is tipping forward! It's gonna fall! =D And it's always the vase that ticks people off!
How is it still alive after being hit by a rocky freight train, then plummeting into the ground from the stratosphere?????
HOW???? And then walks away like it was nothing!
I think...we have an immortal Pikachu on our hands... (>._.<)~
@ChaosSorceror_Davidicus: I think three would make things all the more amusing, two would DEFIANTLY get their eye (not that three wouldn't), and one might be more plausible in her case.
Seriously, I think her riding around on an air sphere would be HILARIOUS!~
@Loopy-Lass: You have a point...XD I think that guy needs to be checked!
I think now is the time when you need to take one of those magically imbued items and use that to cover things up.
At this rate Chris, you might wanna pack up. XD
Awwwwwwwwww.......*squees* This is my favorite page now.....;w; I can die happy now...
Pretty late on mentioning it here, but I actually did name my Charmander 'Arson' in my Firered version. Already a Charazard....
They grow up fast, don't they Atty? :p
@ShinyHoundoom229: More like 95%. 90% would be like....short sleeve or something. XD
@ChaosSorceror_Davidicus: .... *Does to Davidicus what Laharl does to the Prinny*
@ShinyHoundoom229: Or a "nice" guy.
A.k.a. Seems nice, but is a perv and wants everything his way or else he kills you. o3o
@Dante:'s just a rock, some hot glue, and a pin.
Nothing special about it...
<.<....>.> *takes out radeo* Atty suspects nothing. We'll have his shirt in no time...
@ShinyHoundoom229: ;o; Nooooooooo!!!! Caleb is so cool!!!! Don't let him die H0ly! >o<
@ChaosSorceror_Davidicus: But remember Davidicus, the only reason they CAN touch the cape is because he has one! Remember...
"No Capes!" *Edna Mode's voice*
Caleb...stop being so cool!~ XD *squees to self for a few seconds before composing self*