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I love to write and currently have two Shoujo comics online that are doing really well. I'm hoping to add more veriety to what I have online when my manhwa and fairy tail comics get added.
Also have some scifi projects, but they don't have artist attached to them yet.
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I made a web site to have some fun, it's a month long thing where peeps get to vote for who they want to see president of the World Wide Web. Please go to the web site for more details
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This is my favorite page so far.
You comic made me laugh so much today! Thanks, I'll be watching it now. ^_^
September 20th, 2006
What he's eating
Shuichi is eating some kind of chip. I wonder if the have pringles in Japan...? If so that's what he's munching on.
Shoot, I wish I could reply to Kioushan so she'd know about it.
Anyway, Rai is from South Korea but has just spent a year or so in the U.S.
Neko (the artist) wasn't sure what to do to show that Rai was speacking Korean so she used random Japanese characters since she didn't have a Korean font. This is changed in later scenes.
Thanks for reading and commenting! ^_^
So Cool!
Awesome art! Would you be willing to do a link exchange between our comics?
Would you be willing to do a link exchange?
I'll post a link to you comic if you link back to mine.
Love the art.
Great news!
The first three chapters of Betting On Love has been put togather to make a graphic noval and you can now buy it for $9.99 (US dollars) over the net!
We (Neko/Artist and EJ/writer) are so very proud of this and would like to thank every one who has supported us here and on other websites.
To buy your own copy just fallow the link
Once again, thanks every one! ^_^

P.S. I'll still go ahead and add a few more pages.