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It's cool, man. (by the way you got skype or something? PM me, I'd quite like to see how the old gang's doing.)
...I'm getting flashbacks to that Donny Jepp comic I made for Hedgehog Piece.

In fact, this is eerily similar.
it's not even my opinion, matey. It was more of a joke than anything else. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Did I really touch that many nerves? My shitposting really shouldn't get you two so wound-up.

The only reason I saw this comeback in the first place was because I was linked it. And the only reason I came back to reply to you both was because I was linked again, this time with that friend commenting something like "wow you really triggered those guys".

For the record, make whatever sprite comics you want, I can't stop you. In fact, I'm actually kinda glad SAZ's making a comeback - I was skeptical at first, considering how many of the "comebacks" have just been "people make comics for like two weeks and then it all becomes memes and falls apart", but this is actually looking pretty good.

And believe it or not, I actually had pretty fond memories of you lot. I mean, I never really got to know you Marly, but I thought we were bros back in the day, Neroe.
Nice to know you thought I was a dick, though. Especially when you were pretty cool to me back then. Just goes to show what you're really like, eh?

But yeah, simmer down a bit. No need to have a spaz attack just because an oldbie posts something silly.
like i mean i get it, it was a better time of your life and shit was simple
but it's been 9 years

let go
I came back from the dead just to say how much of a dumb fuck you are.

Like, do you seriously not understand the point of satire? How people mock something by imitating and exaggerating it? Is that really such a difficult concept for you to comprehend?

too much water
Gotta agree with Cassie. Too much shading, too many colours. I'd honestly recommend practicing sticking within system/style limitations - it usually results in much cleaner sprites.
Whassat? Can't hear you over my 540 subscribers.
He's too much of a WUSS to play it.
...but yeah, he beats OFF all the time.
Eggman: NO! NOT AGAIN!
Sonic: It's over!
Eggman: *CRACK*
@Shard: Also, eye bleedy = overly vibrant, it's not that the contrast or brightness is bad, it's just the colour choices.
Secondly, I don't think I'm better than you. I'm Slightly under if anything.

dicks asses and butts this is a stupid argument sorry for being hostile but i meet hostility with hostility and this snowballed
@Shard: Well golly gosh gee, Shard! Did you ever stop to consider that maybe I'm one of the 5 people on Smackjeeves who don't follow your average-at-best work and MAYBE, by gosh, I haven't seen those images before?
And did you ever stop to consider that the idea of the colours being a bit too vibrant MIGHT be a valid complaint, considering these are characters that are meant to blend into the background and NOT anime main characters?
Learn to take some criticism, and stop wallowing in mediocrity, Shard. Your fanbase may put up with it but I won't.
If the colours weren't so eye-bleedy, I'd honestly reccommend these as "civillian" sprites.

In fact, why not just get everyone to do a library of "civillians" or random background characters for use in comics?
Here's the link to Pause/Break.

Hope to see y'all again soon.
Here's the link to Pause/Break.

Hope to see y'all again soon.
Here's the link to Pause/Break.

Hope to see y'all again soon.