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i suck at things. comics is one of them.
@Fairy: hmm idk maybe he's more upset that his commander FAILEd him again, by letting Hart become aware of these things
@Katalina Lozano: he did tell Sputnik some stuff... he's nervous about Fiber finding him out.
@Fairy: i guess you forgot to read the beginning of ch 9 when he comes out of the healing chamber indicating he's not drunk anymore
@Guest:did you actually read everything
goddamn where did all of you come from
@Anonymous: everything resolves in due time, so it will for her as well. Also, yea, Dibly is a different little droid. He's the only one who can talk. also doesn't follow commands so willingly, being he was suppossed to go offline back in ch 6, heh.
@Anon: sadly, this is how it happens to snap out of it irl too. i found out that way and i learned!
@Katalina Lozano: Dibly is a unique droid.
@Anonymous: planet ribbon slur for big GAY
@Team Teri Represent: heh none of my coworkers gave a shit if i looked like shit back in my working days. i also was just bad at speaking up too, this is all really a reflection of how my workplace experience was in a way. also, not sure Teri's the kind of person to talk shit back or be violent. speaking as someone who fully projects onto him so he's me and that's just how it be ;;
We're back! To regular Tues&Thurs schedule.
had to take a much needed break ;; but oh great, here we are back with Gram Cracker mcPuppetgee and Cannon
lets keep it civil in the comments btw i do read all of them
@Team Teri Represent: are you sure
@Team Asterix All The Way: i mean we heard it back in ch 9
@Katalina Lozano: not worth his time
@kwippo: he's not as special. i posted a differentiation of sprites on my comic blog. f-firesprite-a-few
also, he's not a violet sprite.
@Eeveeisthebest: hmm.
*looks at chapter title* : "pretty sure nothing can go wrong."
well the fine print says everything will be fine :)
Cover colored by my good pal, Ink!
@WinterReadsanddiesithink: LMAO this is one of my fav comments now
@Anonymous: Yea. but just for keeping as pets and for transportation. I will draw 'em soon.