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i suck at things. comics is one of them.
Very intellectual conversation.
The mech with the one eye and hat is called Razor, and the one with the poofy poncho is Needles.
@Katalina Lozano: More on them and Flare in the next chapter ;)
this firesprite want sleep
@Oly-RRR: the ultimate truth is in chapter 9. stay tuned!
@Anonymous: hey that's valid
@Anonymous: it's when the even sexier robots come hang out and drink with the mechs. They get drinks for free.
funfact!: firesprites don't like heavywinds!
@Anonymous: they have been friends before
@Anonymous: They're called Wink and Jack.
and also because there hasnt been a public announcement for teri's search yet.
@Anonymous: two other gaurds
Gizmo is 19 so they don't really need a parent present.
gizmo will jump in front of two authoritative figures in the nude for you
@ThatGuy: alright man
@Katalina Lozano: .....yes...
@Katalina Lozano: Teri is like one year old.
and don't you know, that's how he is when meeting anyone new.
@Katalina Lozano: it's more of a mentor-student bond type of thing.
@Anonymous: No, but he is frequent in the next chapters now ;o;
@Anonymous: Cannon is a camera-head!