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i suck at things. comics is one of them.
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@Roxxie: Teri is gender-fluid. First years as boy then later on Teri would decide what he identified as.
@Katalina Lozano: we'll have to find out! :'D
@Katalina Lozano: he does ;w;
@Katalina Lozano: teri's firesprite drawing that he let him have
@Katalina Lozano: yesh! didn't mean to spook ;;
i cant believe teri's fucking dead
@Katalina Lozano: maybe. and yeah, that's because I rewrote quite a few scenes ;w; gotta get people hooked somehow!!!
@Katalina Lozano: yes, and yes!
@Katalina Lozano: yup that her. Lucero. When the observatory sector had a team: her, some other guy named Dr. Oort, and Sputnik, they would observe and map the universe together. She was in charge of inputting the mappings into the simulation program and its renderings in the vault.
chispero means sparks but his mother would often use chisperito
@Katalina Lozano: *breakdances* t-tomorrow :'D
@Katalina Lozano: both
"If you look closely you can actually pinpoint the exact moment his heart breaks in two.”
he texts more peeps than i do :'D
I can't believe Teri's fucking dead
Cleared this up recently but: Sputnik's smile is a glitch! It's stuck! sucks, dude! :'D
January 7th, 2018
@Katalina Lozano: that is Leere! He will appear in a future short. and since the cosmos is huge, ghosts roam long long distances, so Rain and Gust are probably still searching.
@Katalina Lozano: Teri is afraid that if Bee did come to be able to work on the Cube, she might be subject to mistreatment from Gram as well. So he's restraining from making any promises to Bee.
@Katalina Lozano: to his friends, at least ;;
January 1st, 2018
@MK-AKA-Morgan: damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn