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i suck at things. comics is one of them.
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@Gryffon: i just put this up but i will put my art here from now on!
uploading the page with corrections made *COUGH*
make sure to have a pal who looks over your page for corrections before uploading!
thanks dibly, for your comment and drawing
damn dude, me fucking too, lets go
ff: dibly can act on his own, btw, just like didly. don't worry, he has backup data
damn, me too, dude
me too, teri
you know, for science
@Team Asterix All The Way: a little much, and not in his character at all, but okay
finding it hard to just quit? try running away!
his artistic ability crumbles as he crumbles
@mokocchi: I answered this to someone else who asked me, but firesprites can come in variety. There are those come in different color flames, different eyes, different features. so on so forth. Some Firesprites can learn the Ribbon language. The case with Beau is that while he can understand bits of it, he has trouble speaking it. He is also selectively mute with his native language and is only comfortable sharing it with Andrew and anybody who he's comfy around.
@Katalina Lozano: will be answered in later chapters
@Katalina Lozano: all firesprites are born full grown. Recall when Beau first awoke in his short.
@Katalina Lozano: try now. i am fucking blind
@Guest: you ever see dying burnt coal and it has those glowing heated specks? that's kinda what that is.
also, WHY NOT
meet Nekki: For the last few years, Nekki has settled inside a comfy cavern in the snowy outskirts of HartFiber after traveling from the East, searching for a home. They like to collect plaids and objects people throw away.
reach into your local cavern and find yourself a friend and boy