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I've been trying to figure out a better frame style then just straight lines...
*Falls down*

Ouch! guess I can't continue making the comic cause I'll be in the hospital for the next year
Latest in the series its only MONTHS LATE!

But its up and thats teh point
Lol thanks the last gun kinda sucked so I had him pull out a better one >:D
Super late
Awfully late update and I don't have a huge excuse... Laziness consumes but I also have work and such so its not all attributed to laziness xD
Really late but it's here!
Here's the (Really) late update the should have been up two days ago...
I've been sick this past week so I haven't felt like doing anything but sleeping but that's over with so I can update! :D

Sorry for the delay
An update... and onward outside (I'm sick of looking at that house)
Would those comic books happen to be X-men? xD
Another update
Two updates in one week! insanity!
Hit his head...

Note the cracks...

guess I didn't make them obvious enough...

he should stay away from stairs...
It is here late but as the old saying goes...
Another update! ;D

(Her gun disappeared into thin air! :O )
New Comic
Behind but still posting ;)
Update... A little late
I'm somewhat late on this update... But I hope to get another one up this week so anyway the gunshot effect sucks but it should improve eventually...
Thank you ;D
Another update!... for those who care
New comic (Explains the click in the last one >:D)
What was the Click for?
You will find out in the next comic >:)