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@Horst: Background? You mean the blank white part of the page? There's no cat there, if that's what you're insinuating.
@GriddedKnight: You too?! Okay, so I really just have seasonal allergies turned 99.9° fever, but that sounds so much like my night yesterday!
@ShinyHoundoom229: What cat? There is no cat...
This summer, I have killed Twinrova and stopped Ganon from being revived twice, and woke up the Wind Fish once
@kangel: Two questions:
1) What about bowties? Why have you not made bowties mandatory?
2) So... Does this also apply to guys, or may we substitute with suits?
@ShinyHoundoom229: Meow meow MEOW meow meow meow!

*The age of humans is over and cats shall soon take over THE WORLD!*
@Charlotte057: No, it appears to be more of a grayish color. Why, is it stalking you too? Fly, you fool! Fly before it infiltr––

@super chao: I... I don't know. I-it just appeared yesterday. I think it's g-gone know. B-but I still feel its p-presence...

No! It's infiltrated my desktop! Save yourselves!
@ShinyHoundoom229: It's already starting... I swear there's a cat staring at me from the background
@u_queen: ... SEVEN TIMES!!! Who even owns 8 castles?!
@chickenwithasword: I get the slightest feeling it's just hosted. Seeing as we all had to register with SmackJeeves to post as anything besides a guest
@ShinyHoundoom229: Yes, but it's also Nick Cage. I direct you toward this.

Cue screams of "Oh God why?!" especially when you reach Kabuto *shudders*