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Well what is there to say, I like to draw and I'm a gamer. Nothing else i really like to do :3
Sweet, now here come some hot "male bonding" the three need to do.
Can't wait for moar
Oh gawd, is it hot in here or is that just me. I swear ur just giving a good reason to fap right now
The sooner those two do each other the sooner there can be a threesome and the hotter everything gets ;3
Well if he did die then that's one hell of a sexy story to tell for years to come.
Well they say first impression is always important when comes to flirting. It's safe to say you definitely made a very interesting first impression.
I liek where this is going.
He obviously is going shirtless because Francis doesn't want to stain his fabulous umbrella shirt, although I'm sure Charles is more than happy to see him shirtless.
Ha, I fear no man
Heavy is invincible
*took arrow to the knee*
October 15th, 2013
I wonder what the fish last thoughts before it's quick, painful, nasty, and probably slightly hilarious death
Well u should be thinking "who doesn't have a dead pool fetish" he's awesome and hawt
I see he like to sleep naked, either that or in a speedo *nosebleed*
As long as I see hot guys and that pretty lady's eyes then by all means do it, me must see moar purtty eyes.
Oh yeah, smoke bomb and a trap door. If only u could do that from taking school's finals and call that an easy "A"
Er meh gwerd them eye it so awesome. Stare into her eyes, you must continue this *stare stare stare*
Er meh Gwerd that kitty is sooooo fluffy and adorable even with that creepy stalking eyes it has *pets cat*
They say pain is a good distraction, I guess it also work to keep people from daydreaming
*awkward laugh*
I'll stop now
"Oh they will not be a problem for you." *gasp* medic, I KNEW IT! I knew your "help" involves dismemberment. Well at least they can't ask to borrow something and never return it if they're dead lol. This is really an enjoyable read here
I wonder what medic could do? Maybe his "help" involves many dismemberment with his bonesaw
If red medic is with Nick and them, then who is that medic behind heav- THAT MEDIC IS A FREAKIN' SPY!