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I like stuff and things!
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@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: OMG no dont do it bb. DON'T WRECK THE PURPLE BB. DON'T DO IT JOE!
I just wanna hug him. Poor Zeggy and his doubts. <3
When I first saw it I thought Zeggy was crying and totally wanted to give him a hug. Totally missed the empty glass. He gets hugs anyway. *hugs Zeggy*
So True
@Toli B: A+++ for that comment. I died xD
If my friend did that to me I'd kill them.
Zeggy is so cute. I want to put him in my pocket.
@Glowstikx: "They're prescription goggles!"
that last panel tho
That last panel you can just see both of them judging Zeggy hardcore xD
@Raik: This literally made my week xD
Literally super cute. Shipping it.
Denied! Also totally not regoing through this >.> Nope.
Zeggy will kill spiders for ya Alk :P
Totally agree with Alk here. SPIDERS ARE SATANIC! THEY ARE EVIL! lol honestly most arachnids and insects are creepy as fudge.
I have a bad feeling that Zeggy's gonna be all like...

I thought everything was great...

but then the Fire Nation attacked! >.> xD
Gosh Darnit
Poor Zeggy <3
Yay! This might be because I love that site way more than I should >.> But I would love to see a mix of color and black and white pages versus full color just so we don't take up a lot of your time (I know that shit takes up a lot more time that way). Book extras... maybe a little day trip story or small little written fiction about something they do together like going to the beach or the zoo or even a little background story about either of them or something would make neat stretch goals. :) Food for thought.
I found this more hilarious than I should have xD those faces
lol super klutz
Aww. That was cute.
@Panacea: Still shipping it