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I'm currently chillin at home waiting to be certified as a Music Teacher... but on my freetime, I do a lot of drawing. I get asked why I didn't make art my major for school... and my reply is that I felt more comfortable making drawing my hobby rather than something I would want to pursue.

I do a lot of sketching over actual pictures. I was originally inspired by many people, most of which were artists who drew LEGO's Bionicle characters as humans. From that point on, I wanted to draw just like them, and so... yeah. That's what got me into drawing.
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September 23rd, 2018
At some point, I'll have to just bookmark smackjeeves on my iPad.
One of the most irritating parts about switching to my iPad for work is that I no longer have the brushes that I used to use on my desktop. I haven't quite figured out how to add them all back on my iPad (if that's even possible...)
So I was realizing that shading the pages like I was before was not really working for me, especially since there isn't a lot of time as of right now. I did purchase Clip Studio for my iPad, but I was finding that the brushes that I typically use didn't have the same settings as the one on my desktop, so trying to get the same shaded effect as I had originally wasn't working too well, and I was getting really frustrated.

When I decided to shade the pages like this, I hadn't cell-shaded like this in... years. So figuring out how to shade has been a bit of a wild ride XD
Hi Ahkmou.

I don't know why this page saved differently...
There are days where I nail Onewa, and days where for whatever reason, I can't draw him.

Although, to be perfectly honest, the time between the original published date of the previous page and this one is a month or two...
Guest Page!
This page is brought to you by tumblr artist, DeadMatoro! Please check their work out!
Oh Hafu.
I felt like I wasn't giving the impression that they were under a clothed-in setting, so I tried to add a hue of purple (the color of the cloth) to the overall page and added some glitter/dust to make it look more environmental?
Guest Page!
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There are about 18 pages total to upload!
This is the second part of a double update!
This is the first part of a double update!
Retura is done with your shit, Ahkmou. *dramatic eyeroll*

I live to draw Ahkmou and his expressions.

I’m gonna try and aim to get another page done between now and Sunday. If I can’t, then expect to see at least two pages next week!
So I technically posted this page on like, Saturday... but I uh.... forgot to upload it here.... lol
There he is. Snooping around again.

AND WE ARE BACK! Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently for this to return ;w; I had a lot of things pop up unexpectedly over the past few months at work, so a lot of things were put off until that ended.

Hopefully I can churn some of these pages out quickly!
The End of Chapter 4!

There are two pages in this update!
Sorry about the delay!
Sorry this is late, guys. Had a busy past few weeks, and I managed to get sick twice within this time frame.

On a side note, I got my new monitor late last week, and oh boy let me tell you… the colors… so vivid… it’s great. Like, when comparing this page on my two monitors, it is incredibly different.

So now I can happily say that if you’ve been looking into a new monitor, BenQ monitors are pretty great.

Anyways, we are two pages away from finishing! I’m gonna see if I can complete them now, if not, I’ll see y’all in two weeks!
We're getting close to the end of the chapter, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time ;w; Means I have to spend a little while doing the thumbnails.

I'm gonna do my best to churn out as many pages as I can within the next little while!
I know a lot of people are confused as to why I'm updating once every two weeks, but it's the schedule I am most comfortable with at the moment. It gives me two weekends to work on a page, as opposed to one. If I can update more than twice a month, that would be great, but I don't have a lot of time anymore. I'm doing the best I can to continue giving you pages on top of three jobs ;w;
And here is the most recent. I may switch to a cell-shaded style. I hate doing cell shading, but. Whatever works I guess.