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January 13th, 2019
Hooray! Welcome back! I'd started to worry that you might not come back. Don't do that to me!!!
P.S. Panel 5, sleepy drool! Bwahaha! So cute!
Thanks for reading along for as long as you have! I really appreciate it!
Yeah, i'd say you have the fundamentals of the story down, but it may be a little too Matrix influenced...not that there is anything wrong with that, it still seems to work when thought of this way...
In a nutshell, Sea Town is a space between life and death, or maybe even a final state after death (i wanted to give readers some lee-way on this). This space is much more flexible than the 'real world' and pretty much bends to the will of those inhabiting it while still retaining some of the structure of the world they came from. Thus Jim is still a mouse but also human enough to fully enjoy life with Mana on an equal footing, the Professor lives alone with her books and interests etc...
When all these characters were alive in the 'real world' but slipping into death, their 'souls', or life energy or true selves, or however the reader wishes to view these concepts (^ ^;), appear in Sea Town. While inbetween the states of life and death however, the 'soul' can still choose to go back to its life in the 'real world' or pass over peacefully. The purpose of the shadows that appear in Sea Town is to lead souls away from memories that may guide them back towards life. Though as we see in Mana's case, if you really want to go back badly enough, it can be done.
You'll notice i'm also using quote marks on the term 'real world'. To me, the 'real world' represented in monochrome in the story is the one we live in, but every readers experience of this world will be different (and possibly not so negative as mine), so please just think of it as a world like our own that Mana etc used to live in.
Hope this makes things a little clearer, but to be honest, i'm very happy for readers to interpret the story any way they want. Your understanding is just as valid.
Still, if i do re-draw Sea Town, maybe it could stand a bit of a tighten up in the clarity area...^ ^;
Yes, the second version would be seperate, but then the original would be deleted on completion. Though, please bear in mind, this may not happen at all!...^0^; I just really wish i was a better artist...
P.S. Yes, that is my 'Views of Japan'. Still does'nt feel real that i won...
@cherish.york: Thanks for reading all this time! It really helps to know that someones's reading and enjoying your work as you make it, so a big THANKS definitely goes out to you! ^-^
So here it is, i finally made it to the end! It's taken a few years to get to this point, so to everyone who's stuck with Mana, Jim and co. throughout, i give a huge thank you! So, how did you like it? Or not, as the case may be?...^-^; Did anything surprise you? Would you have changed anything?
For me, this is the only way this story could have gone, and one i reeeeally wanted to write. Even so, even i had some surprises during the course of writing. My characters have a knack for surprising me...^ ^;
Now that it's all over, i think the only thing i would like to change is my own artwork. I'd like to go back and re-draw eveything! That could take some time...
Sorry for the wait! I almost skipped a page, but now we're back on track...^ ^;
@cherish.york: ^-^ I'm sure there are some sighs of relief to see things as they sould be again...and some colour too!
@Golb989: It is dark, but i hope that by the end you'll think it was worth it. ^-^
Even though i had this scenario in my mind from the very beginning of writing this story, actually putting it down on paper was harder than i'd ever imagined...and i have the benefit of knowing what happens in the end! ^ ^; (no clues!)
@cherish.york: I'll bet! ^-^ It may not necessarily seem like a 'good' surprise at the moment. but don't worry, things are all moving toward a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion.
@BananaUhl: Nope, it's just "king of the seagulls" as Jim puts it...^-^
Heh Heh, thanks. I pay particular attention to panel flow, so it's great to get good feedback for it. ^-^
I'm impresed it's Mana's hair length you're worried about right now! ^0^
Mana and Jim may have found that they've returned to a very different world than the one that Sea Town resides in...
Even in battle mode, Hemu's still adorable! ^o^
Your so protective Jim...^-^...but thats what i like about you...that, and your irritable personality. They say you can only ever write about what you know after all. :p
Good catch! How does he manage to always be in the right place at the right time? :p
Yes, made it on time this week! ^-^
Sorry for the wait...been dealing with a cold etc.
The end of chapter 8. Gulp! ^ ^;
Sorry for the delay! ^ ^;
Weird! Why did the last comment come up as guest? Was i not logged in?
Anyhow, there's a new Jiman comp this year! Really hope you'll enter this year too! I can't enter this year (arrgh!)but i really want to see what everyone comes up with! *o*