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Hello. I am Icelandic in case you don't know due to my real name. I am a big Nintendo fan and have been all my life, though I do play some PS1 and 2 games. Though, they are mostly Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. I am also a big fan of Dragon Ball Z due to my username. I am currently 17 years old so I have no job as of yet and am still in school. Some of my other hobbies outside of TV and video games, include playing cards and reading and some more.
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    Olafur Kristinn Hannesson
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@pixlyJolt: I'd say Stalfos are more fitting to be Marowaks.
I'm guessing Cubones are the Stalchilds.
@Mystic Hunter: Or better yet; Bomb Hovering!
@Mystic Hunter: I wonder if Linkvee would suddenly decide to walk backwards and find out he somehow can move twice as fast like that.
Danganronpa Reference...

...Also, now I'm picturing Teddiursa as Monokuma.
ohhhh, I can't wait to see how that goes >:3
@xofrats: On that note, do you know what would have happened if in the original game, Link did stay in bed? Surprisingly, nothing as Ganondorf couldn't have taken over the world. There's even a video dedicated to it.
You know I keep imagining what future characters will be. I for example picture Adult Link as Leafeon, but for some reason I feel he changes into Flareon when wearing Goron Tunic and Vaporeon when wearing Zora Tunic.
um is there a hiatus or something?
@GPS: Honestly, I always felt Mewtwo and Final Form Frieza looked a bit similar.

Also, INB4 Master Ball.
Oh wow just noticed :P no Johto though? I would have expected that to be next
@pkmnMasterWheeler: Are you gonna do the other gens as well? Maybe even as a sequel with the other characters, even just a brief cameo?
Gleðileg Jól!
That's merry christmas in Icelandic :P and dawww that's adorable :3 not what I expected but I likey woot :D
@DarkFlameOSecrets: It took me a few seconds to figure out with the costume. I have played a few Metroid games, but I never really got far and didn't play much. My main interactions with Samus was in Smash Bros.
Cassidy and Bitch. So I'm not the only one who thinks that XD
lol ive been reading these so far, quite a funny nuzlocke comic XD

I will say though that personally, I see nothing wrong with just catching a diglett anyway as long as you ONLY use it as an HM slave and don't have it battle.
Linkvee's cuteness strikes again! Poor Bellsprout Scrub :P
Wait, is that a BOMB in that chest? Why is there a bomb in here? He shouldn't get it until... uhhh... Rhyhorn Cavern? I dunno, just making a random guess.
I remember this. I miss it so much. I wish it would come back, in one way or another.