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Hello. I am Icelandic in case you don't know due to my real name. I am a big Nintendo fan and have been all my life, though I do play some PS1 and 2 games. Though, they are mostly Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. I am also a big fan of Dragon Ball Z due to my username. I am currently 17 years old so I have no job as of yet and am still in school. Some of my other hobbies outside of TV and video games, include playing cards and reading and some more.
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    Olafur Kristinn Hannesson
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@Djoing: So is there a chance it will eventually continue?
Aw Quint, such a buzzkill. I wonder what kind of nickname Protoman had in mind.
@GamerDude7: I see, but im sure yours is still good :)
Trash Man, huh? Did you get that from the fan-game Super Fighting Robot? :P
Why not Zoidberg? :P

Nah just kidding, can we use Butch so there can be a running gag like in the anime? :P
come on, is this ever going to update again? is it too much to ask for at least an update on the situation?
Happy 30th Birthday Megaman, and to a new adventure late next year!
Hate to be a grammar nazi, but...
Panel 3: Wario says Excatly when it's Exactly.
@Bob from SMG4: Hey, I like you, cooler than Fishy Boopkins. (SMG4 is awesome!)
@MegaVile: I think it's supposed to be oil. I mean sure, it's red, but got any better ideas?
@ZSnazzy: It's a good thing they got their crap together and stopped showing the murderer in the intro of the first case.

Although the third one was a huge fakeout.
What an amazing comic, thank you both for such a great journey! :D and DHK, no worries having to retire from making comics full time, but I'd still love maybe some mini Megaman comics from time to time, perhaps not one with any plot, just a bunch of mini one shots that mostly don't tie anything together.
@TheJGamer: 490 pages and 6 and a half years ago.
@Shurikens: I'll SEXTUPLE that if Roll mistakes Zero for a girl.
I like how excited Lemmy is to go to Iceland, as I'm Icelandic myself XD
@BaconBub: 5000000 Zenny say that Dr. Leaf becomes the next villain! I need that super ultra rare chip that is basically a Super Saiyan ripoff. XD
I swear, if this ever gets updated again, I will binge-read the ENTIRE thing! :P
yeah, im sure it'll finally be completed in 2017. But is this a subtle hint youre gonna update more than twice per week now?
@The_mad_one: Aw, that's too bad, I miss this comic a lot. Hope things get well enough for you guys to continue though.
It's super effective