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I can't wait for the next ^^ <3.
March 17th, 2019
Well done.
Nice update, continue ! ^^

Where are you about the progression of your story ? full in your mind ? Will you use others places like tapastic for your story ?
Une question ?
Belle page ! ^^
Pour en revenir a ton commentaire, je me demande si Brigit n'est pas une allusion à la sainte irlandaise, sachant qu'au temps celtique c'était une déesse celte, faisant partie d'une triade au même tire que la Morrigan. J'ai bon ou je me suis trompé dans mes suposition ? Si c'est oui, et bien, comme quoi le voudou peut etre vecteur en terme mélange de cultures ... en tout cas, bravo et continue. ;)
November 3rd, 2018
Nice page ! ^^ <3

Continue ! Go on ! ;)
September 2nd, 2018
Welcome back ! :D
I'm so happy for the new page. I understand the reasons that you can't continue in the past, no problem. i hope i ll can see the next asap.

"Bon courage et bonne continuation" ;)
November 9th, 2017
Literary memories
Hi, I like this story, at least its beginning, it evokes me some books that I read in my life especially 'the thousand and one nights', the character of Scheherazade and 'the beauty and the beast'. is it me or is there some similarity? In any case, I can not wait to read the next pages. Good continuation.
You're welcome. Now, all is fine ;) thanks ^^.
a problem ?
the picture is still missing ? anyways its says "Bad image source" :/
Baron Samedi, je présume ?

Enchanté. ;-)
December 19th, 2014
^^ Bravo and Continuation ^^
I haven't tumblr so i leave a post here for a hope or luck to win ;). anyway, i love this story : a truly masterpiece ;). Good continuation ^^.
August 30th, 2014
A story that begins very well and is colorful. Continues like this, its great, I like. :D ;)

A French reader.