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Illustrator, biker, zombie & video game fan... nuff said
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    Joshua Janes
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@super_chi: Thanks, glad you liked it. I finished the first issue of Ball & Chain I bought at the convention and really enjoyed it. Love the shape shifting gloves that Dorioth put on. Have to catch up on the rest of the story on here.
Hey, just wanted to stop by and say it was good to meet you at the Motor City Comic Con. Your word balloon sign seems to work well in drawing folks in. It worked on me anyways...ha. Got my first issue of Ball & Chain sitting here on my desk and look forward to reading it.

Have a good one.
@oilcandrive: Nice. Adding you to my favorites list. Look forward to seeing more.
Just stumbled across your book. Nice looking work. Do you do your inking in illustrator? it's very clean. I like it.
Hells Yeah!
This is fun stuff. I just stumbled across your book and I'm dig'n the look of it.
Nice, good use of the blur effect.
dig'n it
@super_chi: Just came across your work and I'm really enjoying it. Look forward to more.
May 31st, 2013
Great stuff
very nice, like the textures on the siding.
no problem, I'm dig'n it. Got my buddy in Canada that does zombie books hooked on it as well.
Keep'em coming. This is some good stuff.