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I'm boring, sorry.
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The struggles r so real tho
*hentai music plays in the background*
Updates will become regular again.
This comic is changing to every other week while the Nuzlocke comic(stop bugging me about it) will be as often as I can.
Woosh! Two pages in two days!

This won't be happening often, just a quick thing I quickly did to help explain to the people who have been kind enough to message me and ask what happened to the comic.
I'll try my best to make an update page soon to at least give you guys an excuse as to why I haven't been updating.
Some of you little creeps(you know who you are) like to ask me weird questions.
Here's a common one answered.

More frequent updates coming soon...hopefully.

Love you guys!
Yeah! I lost my fuckin tablet pen!
I need to order an entirely new tablet.
LUCKILY I got my paycheck today.
I should have one in by end of next week.
proper updates coming back soon! Sorry guys!
In the mean time---

For you gamers! Or quite frankly anyone, I don't really care.
Come play with me! I'm lookin' for friends to come play minecraft with me!
You can come just chat with me or even help me make the sexiest damn dirt buttshack you've ever seen.
^That's the main server but I'm usually on PVP
Hope to see you there!
Sorry for the super long wait!
I had finals and I got caught up in some IRL drama/stuffs.
Since it's summer I'll try to update regularly again.
I'm one of those people who doesn't mind "web-dating" someone as long as I really like them.
But sometimes it makes me question myself and the person I'm with.
It really puts trust between couples to the test.
It really pushes the bond two people can forge without ever being able to see eachother.
It really makes me realise what a bad person I am and the assumptions I make when the person doesn't keep the promises they make.
This is a lot more serious than what I usually post but this has really been on my mind a lot lately.

PS- 1 isnt really that late to most people but I get up very early so 1 is extremely late for me js.
Hey guys!
Thanks a lot for your patience. My new tablet came in a few days ago but I've been really sick, hence the time it took for an update.
the comic hasn't even been up a week and I've somehow reached 1.5k views?! That's nearly 300 a day! I'm not sure how that compares to other ones, but it seems impressive to me.
A comic isn't much without the fans/viewers so thanks!
Today's comic will be up in a bit. I'm running behind cause I was working on a nuzlocke one.
Centipedes are the one bug
That can single handedly make me scream and run away like a little bitch.
I'm 5'9" and I can deal with most bugs but these little fuckers just drive me nuts.
Today was lazy day at school.
I had a lot of free time so I made a couple comics. Sorry for the insanely unstraight lines!
I really like your style and your colouring. c:
Your comic looks great so far. One of the better Nuzlocke's I've seen.
Good luck not getting overwhelmed with rattatas!
@Haveralala: that's what he said exactly, but I'm not sure if he was referring that lesbians are gross or vaginas are gross.. I didn't really care enough to ask lol
I'm not offended easily,
But this really pushed my buttons. I don't understand why some people randomly hate. If you have a legit reason as to why, you were raised to believe homosexuality is wrong or a lesbian killed your parents then raped your cat, then fine.
There's no reason for excuses like this.
Sorry for the sloppy page, I was trying to finish quickly.
This is pretty much how it is..
Every single time...
@MisterMacanulty: I am, actually. None of my friends really like it but I still enjoy it. I was pretty stoked to hear they remade digimon world 1 and re-released it in Japan.
Just a quick intro to the comic. I'll be putting up the intro to a few characters soon.